And So I Write…

I giggle at my two year old son and swear that he has undiagnosed restless leg syndrome as a toddler.  He reads a book on my lap and by page six he’s in full downward facing dog with a mean donkey kick in the air.  Don’t mind mama getting gut checked every time we turn the page of “The Little Red Caboose.”  We laugh and joke (and his teachers comment…oh my, do they comment!) but meanwhile, I’d like to diagnose myself as having restless mind syndrome.  Even as a kid, I would arrange and rearrange my bedroom furniture on a seasonal basis.  Literally heaving my bed and dresser around the room as an eight-year old because monotony drove me that crazy! When things become repetitious, I start a new project, I decorate a new space, I randomly paint a wall, try some elaborate meal, or throw my two boys into an exciting craft project that grosses one out and the other one just wants to eat.

Exhibit A: Slime.



Lately I’ve been looking for something that will challenge a different part of myself.  A challenge different from that daily mom/wife/director of household operations challenge we have.   And so I write…  I write to share my life.  I write to share my boys.  I write to share a full remodel of our straight out of the 80’s house we now call a home.  I write to share my world and the amazing miracles God has given me and gives me more each day.  And I write to keep myself from pacing the Target aisles every time my Gypsy mind gets that restlessness again. 🙂

I may have a husband, a family member or two, and a handful of friends grudgingly follow, but I’ll take it!  Get ready for more explanation points and smiley faces than most should have to endure. 🙂 This is going to be fun!


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