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20 Things for HIM to Spring Clean!

Let me start by saying, I am woman. Hear me roar!  In no way, shape, or form am I saying women can’t or aren’t willing to do any of the things in my list.  My list of 20 spring cleaning tasks for HIM was created as a sweet honey-do list from my home to yours.  My darling husband, Jerod, would do anything I would ever ask him to do when it comes to spring cleaning, BUT he certainly would enjoy this list a whole lot better than reorganizing the linen closet or washing the livingroom pillows for the 40th time. 🙂

So if your guy comes to you and says, “Babe, I’d love to help but don’t know what to do!”  Here’s a list of 20 ideas to get him in the spring cleaning groove with you!


  • Clean the inside and outside of the grill – and lets add in that grill cover for fun, too.

  • Cut back landscaping to get ready for new growth.

  • Sweep the garage floor of all that winter debris.

  • Trash all those unnecessary pieces in the junk drawer – and your night stand, and your… 🙂

  • Donate clothes from his side of the closet – and don’t you dare touch mine!

  • Throw away any empty or old toiletries.

  • Throw tennis shoes in the laundry, bleach pen any white ones, and buff those dress shoes.

  • Take the car or truck through the car wash and detail the inside.

  • Sharpen blades on the lawn mower and any landscaping tools.

  • Power wash the house.

  • Power wash the driveway and sidewalks.

  • Clean ceiling fan blades.

  • Flip mattresses.

  • Change batteries in all smoke detectors – we all saw “This is Us.” How many of us checked those smoke detectors the VERY. NEXT. MORNING?!

  • Unclog drains – yes, that does mean our shower drain and please don’t show us what it looks like.

  • Fix any dripping faucets.

  • Hook up our hoses again to get ready for the upcoming growing season – woohoo!!

  • Take out screens and spray them down with the hose.

  • Vacuum vents and registers throughout house – If one is really bad with stuck on dirt, remove to soak.

  • Organize your tools, your paint supplies, your sports equipment – ORGANIZE. YOUR. STUFF.  Please… 🙂

And I’m going to add an honorary #21 to this list:

21. Build all the crazy organization boxes, shelves, and whatever else we come up with as we dive into each nook and cranny of our homes!


Any other ideas to get the guy in your life just as involved and excited about spring cleaning? I’d love to hear them (and I’m sure my husband would, too!) 🙂


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