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All About the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Flashback two years ago, I had no clue what all the hype was about with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I thought it was like every other massive sale around the holidays: deep discounts on past season’s leftovers, all the things that didn’t sell (wonder why?) and only a few sizes remaining in the pieces.  Here’s why the Nordstrom Sale is absolutely amazing…deep discounts on BRAND NEW FALL pieces and on brands that almost never go on sale.  We are talking closet staples, sweaters, jackets, suits, shoes, beauty, workout apparel, and so much more.  So here is my breakdown of the sale for you and how I’m here to make it so easy on you!!

When to Shop



August 5th – LAST DAY – After this day, everything goes back to its original, full price

The NSale starts on July 12th at 3am for all Nordstrom credit card holders.  So here’s the deal with that:  You apply for a credit card, create a Nordstrom account with an username and password, and you’re in for the July 12th opening!  Here’s the even better part…you never have to charge a single item to your credit card…EVER.  I own one and have never spent a dime on it, but I’ve been able to shop the sale each year.  And they have a CREDIT or a DEBIT option!

It’s important to hold that credit card because all amazing deals and all gorgeous pieces WILL SELL OUT.  Every year they do!!  And it’s the biggest bummer to watch your precious pieces sell off one by one before you can start shopping on July 20th.  Like the biggest bummer!

Nab that credit card here, please! 🙂

How to Shop

So you can 100% shop the sale all on your lonesome and do your own thing.  Orrrr you can keep referring to my site every single day for updates, reductions, favorite items, the works!  I plan on being up every morning updating the blog with the best purchases out there and letting you know which items sell out or have just a few sizes remaining.  And I’m going to setup Growing Up Kemper to be TOTALLY USER FRIENDLY for the NSale.

Since I’m a more frugal shopper, I’m going to have categories setup with my favorites at various price points.  You’ll be able to find all my favorite shoes, sweaters, for guys, workout gear, etc. for under $50, under $100, and up.  Find what you are looking for and the price point you are willing to spend, and go nuts!  Each product will have a direct link for you right to the product.  I’m working hard to make it super easy for you!

Final Tips

  1.  Get that Nordstrom card ASAP!
  2. Be an impulse buyer, even if you aren’t typically one.  Here’s the truth from an indecisive person to the next:  Items can and will sell out super fast.  If you see something you love and know it’s a good deal, BUY IT.  It will sell out and you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it.  They offer free shipping so no extra charges there.  And if you get it in the mail and don’t like it, Nordstrom has an amazing return policy.  Put the item back in the prepaid return envelope and send it on its way.  No harm, no foul.
  3. Get excited because I’m seeing some adorable pieces already!!  Check out some of my favorites from the catalog below.  Let’s have fun shopping together July 12th!!


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