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Christmas Bucket List

We were gifted with a few extra days of Christmas amp-up this year since Thanksgiving was earlier, and I’m ready to take full advantage of all things red, green, and Christmas!  It’s time to slow ourselves down to spend time with our families.  Yes, there are great sales and gifts to be purchased, but let’s focus more on the experiences and the love instead of the gifts under the tree.

You probably don’t remember all the toys and electronics you got during your childhood Christmastime, but I’m sure you remember what you did and how you felt all those years.  Enjoy those meaningful times this year with those you love!

Look at how sweet Nesting with Grace’s bucket list looks on her fridge!  Use a command hook to put up a frame on your fridge.  Front and center for you to keep focused on the important things this season.

I’m excited to show you how I spend the holidays this season with my family and hopefully share some great ideas for you to use, too!


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