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What’s Up Wednesday {2.27.19}

Doesn’t this basket just give you all the happiest of feelings? No more Valentine’s red. No more winter whites. Give me all the pastel and springtime colors. Give me all the speckled in 60 degree days. Give me the cold mornings and beautiful, warm afternoons. Happy March Eve, everyone! The season of new growth and fresh beginnings is here!!

And like the Eve of every month, I’m teaming up with Shay and Sheaffer for a What’s Up Wednesday! Here’s what I’ve got going on this Wednesday! 🙂

What We’re Eating This Week

All that talk about warmer weather coming makes me always go back to that saying we learned back in elementary school. “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” Retweet! This weekend in Kansas City, it’s going to be highs in the TEENS and lows in the SINGLE DIGITS! Say what?! Soups every. single. night.

Chicken Gnocchi Soup
Sweet Potato Chili
Slow Cooker Ham and Potato Soup

What I’m Reminiscing About

This past weekend, Jerod and I took the kids to the bowling alley for the first time, and we had the absolute BEST time!! The kids had an absolute blast, and the only issue we had, was that they didn’t ever want to STOP bowling!

Look at the air this little guy got here! Just jumped up and down the whole time the balled rolled down. 🙂

What I’m Loving

The ShopBop sale is in full force right now (ends March 2nd) and there are some really dreamy things for spring on some deep discounts. Here are the top three pieces in my cart…and soon to be in my closet! 🙂

Skinny Overalls

** These sold out so fast during this sale but same Skinny Overalls are currently stocked in most sizes on a few other sizes!! Hurry to nab these cuties!**

Skinny Overalls: Lulus.com – As always, Lulus.com gives you free shipping if you spend over $50 AND if you spend $150, you get $15 off. Sizes go quick because the reviews are just so good!!

Skinny Overalls: Anthropologie.com – No great sale on these just yet, but a few additional sizes available on Anthro!

Greece Slides
Smocked Stripe Mini Dress

What We’ve Been Up To

With these lounging weekends, it’s been so nice to be able to put some of my decorating and DIY ideas to fruition. Just recently, I finished out small garage entryway and have been LOVING how it turned out. No space for a mudroom or drop zone? Make it work with a rug to keep dirt off your floors, a bench to put your shoes on, and some hooks to hold the limitless baseball hats in the house (or is that just mine?! 😜)

Check out all the entryway details here!

What I’m Dreading

Life is good, guys. It’s really, really good. When I sit for five minutes and can’t think of a single thing I’m dreading, life is really good. God is good.

What I’m Working On

I just started a new series this week on What I’m Gardening This Week. Every Monday, I’ll share what I’m doing in my garden over the next 7 days. Together, we will go from seeds to plants, transplanting and fertilizing. It can be a little intimidating starting a garden, venturing into more plants, keeping your schedule in order. Let’s grow together, share advice, and produce your best garden yet!!

What I’m Growing This Week

What I’m Watching and Reading

Guys, I did it! I finally watched A Star is Born over the weekend and it’s just as dreamy as I could have imagined! I think this was hands down Bradley Cooper’s very best performance from any of his movies. And not just the acting…did you know he wrote, produced, directed, starred, and WROTE OVER HALF THE SONGS?!? That man is sheer talent through and through!!

This chemistry!! ❤

I just got involved in a book club with a couple girlfriends and the newest book we are reading for April is called Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

Eleanor cracks me UP! Her innocent wit is absolutely hysterical! Such a fabulous read so far and one that I feel like is going to majorly throw a loop very soon. These little flashes of something huge is becoming so much more frequent. One of those reads I could stay up to all hours reading, but always remember…”Oh yeah. I need to function tomorrow,” and put it down. 🙂

Recently, I finished The Last Mrs. Parrish and couldn’t say enough amazing things about it! Twisted, shocking, and so, so good!!

What I’m Wearing

These adorable mules! Bring on those springtime ankle crops and mules this season!

Backless Slip On Mules
Distressed Ankle Jean

What I’m Doing This Weekend

The next project I’m working on this weekend is making some large engineered prints of these two little love bugs!

In our main hallway off our front door, I want to enlarge these photos in black and white prints and frame them using some black Ikea frames. A little editing, a little $10 printing at Staples, and one precious wooden sign I found, and this weekend project will be coming to you next week! 

That’s a wrap on this month’s What’s Up Wednesday! Happy March Eve!

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