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Colton’s 2 Year Update

Happiest 2 years to my little babe, Colton! My Colton, Colt, Colton Bear, C, Mr. C., bug, my littlest. 💕 Two years with this grey-eyed, energetic, smart little guy with the most kissable lips this side of the Mississippi!

No joke. Look at those lips! Stay away every one of you little girls! 🙂

If we aren’t going 100 mph, Colton isn’t his happiest. It’s a constant jump, run, play with him and he and outlast the best of them…including older brother! 🙂 While Jacks would go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we would head to our local Gymboree and he would thrive. All the obstacle courses to climb, shimmy, and slide down. It was our favorite time of the week and I can’t wait to get him back in it in the fall!

When I get asked what Colton’s favorite things are right now, I have to pause and think about it, and every time it’s the same answer: balls. Anything sports that requires a ball…this kid is in. If he can kick, swing, throw, or bounce, he’s 100% in.

Since he’s two, he’s not quite old enough to get into any sports teams yet. So when Jacks started baseball two weeks ago, Colt sat in his chair along the side so sad the entire hour. He barely looked up, barely acknowledged his grandparents. He was devastated he couldn’t get out there, too! Soon, baby boy! Soon!

From the time Colton was a babe, he was always the biggest snuggler. He was always the happiest when he was close to you, holding a hand or sitting directly on top of you. As a two year old, he’s gotten much more independent and loves to go off and do just about everything that his big brother does, but he’s always making sure you’re still close by. Stay away and let me grow, but don’t go too far, mama. 🙂

And that may transfer over a tad into his sleep. 🤷‍♀️ At two years old, this little boy still consistently wakes up once a night. Have a tooth that is going to pop through 8 weeks from now? Okay, I’ll see you at 1am. Have a bad dream? Gotcha. See you soon. Have a blanket that is off your toe? Great. I’ll be right in, Colt. 🙂 Maybe at 3 years old I’ll have better things to say about your sleep. For now, I’ll say see you tonight, Colt.

Having this active little two year old boy that would love to be shirtless, shoeless, muddy, and carrying allllll the sticks, you’d think that he can’t sit still to save himself. But little C loves an art project. He’ll get insanely messy and try to eat most of it, but he’ll sit, and sit for a long time until it looks just perfect for him. He loves to color, paint, build and “write his name” right now. I think his ability to focus for a bit of time is just the reason why he’s spelling his name, singing oodles of songs, and talking like someone much, much older. His focus and determination are already showing their head and he’s just so amazing to see each and every day.

Did I mention shirtless, shoeless, muddy, and with sticks in his hand? 😜

His absolute favorite person right now! Mama is great from 8-6, but when Dada comes home, his universe shifts and his hero is home. I’ll be your favorite again someday, right? 🙂

I’m so proud of this little boy and I truly do love him more each minute of each day. You’re so smart, you’re so funny, and you do everything you can to make sure the people around you are smiling. I love you for your bravery, your independence, your empathy, and your determination. Stay stubborn because you’ll go far. Stay sweet because you can’t go far alone. Stay loyal to your big brother because he’s truly your best friend. I love you to the moon and stars and back, bug!

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