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Farmhouse Rugs for Under $100

Fed up with my home decor obsession yet? I’m just getting started guys! I’m on a major mission, ya’ll. 🙂

Recently, I was on the hunt for a new rug to go in the nursery and after the endless game of searching the bajillion choices on Rugs USA and Boutique Rugs (it’s good and bad, right? You love the choices but O. M. G. Overload.), I somehow stumbled onto Walmart’s site. And guess what happened? I actually found upwards of 10 rugs I loved, wanted, and had to decide between. Shocked as I am? I had this jilted view of Walmart and their products.

It’s never my first place to shop, but I seem to find more and more I’m loving. And each buy always has great quality and lasting power. I’m becoming a Walmart shopper right you and I hope you see what they’ve got to offer, too!

From one friend to another, I’m sharing my secret to a beautiful, inexpensive farmhouse rug…Walmart! Hope you find one that matches just what you’re looking for!

Natura Feride Braided Area Rug

**This is my number one choice for the nursery right now. Our carpet we are installing is a neutral with flicks of grays and browns to hide stains. I love the simplicity and beauty of this one to go with it**
Vintage Persian Zaman Traditional Area Rug or Runner

**I know this isn’t totally farmhouse, BUT I feel like farmhouse and vintage are flowing so well together anymore and are popping up in more and more homes because of how beautiful both styles are**

Keep in mind, the larger the size, the larger the price. HOWEVER, I have found almost identical rugs at some of the large rug sites and these prices beat them almost every single time. Hope you find something beautiful to add to your home!

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