First Day of School Recap

Yesterday was a good day, guys. Like a really, really good day. There was so much anxiousness and first day jitters that just turned into a perfect little day.

I’m such a huge “new beginnings” kind of person, so something like the first day of school is always exciting for me. It’s a new beginning for Jacks who is going to attack this school year head on as a 3- almost 4- year old. It’s a new beginning for Colt who is getting some much-needed one-on-one time with me and an opportunity to find his personality a little more without big brother. And it’s a new beginning for me as I fall into a new routine, just in time for it to all change in December with Baby #3. 🙂

I just did a post earlier this week on the DIY Back to School Signs I make for the first day back, and Jackson really had fun picking colors, answering questions, and seeing it come to life.

And thank goodness the weather was great yesterday for a slew of pictures that went better than…well…most any other photo session I’ve gone after. #winningthedayalready 😉

Gosh, you’ve gotten big…
Sits perfectly on the bump, huh?
Don’t ever stop these hugs. Like ever.

When we got to school yesterday, Jacks held my hand the whole way to his classroom, put his backpack and lunch away in his cubby and walked right in his room. There was a little “cling to mama” moment when his teacher said ‘Good morning!’ but he gave me one last kiss and hug, and went right to work finding his name on the folders, picking his attendance sticker, and finding the morning activity he wanted to work on. No tears. No looking back. He was ready. I’m so proud of you, Jacks!

Then it was sweet Colton’s time to celebrate.

I joked on InstaStories that this is the face you make when you realize it’s a Mama and Colton Day, but really…this is the face he made when I told him it was a Mama and Colton Day! 🙂

Off to the coffeeshop for coffee, donuts, and train tracks. We spent about an hour there, sitting outside, reading our train magazine and just talking. It was a huge realization of how much Colton loves to take his time, doesn’t rush life, and wants to enjoy the world. He lives a life with a family that is always on the go and is always moving forward. Poor guy. Already, my goal is to stop and enjoy life with Colton because that’s him. Take it all in, love bug!

At pickup, Jackson had all sorts of stories to share about his day and had just the very best day! He still said his favorite was the playground, but he did at least share with me the books they read and the activities they did, too. 🙂 I’ll take what I can get.

And to end the day, we got to snack on our M&M Monster Bars I posted about last week. The perfect sweet treat to surprise the boys with after the day!

Then we went off to boys favorite restaurant…right by the train tracks…and had a great night catching up on the day and talking about the year.

A perfect start to our school year! I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds and all that these boys accomplish. Take on the world, little guys! It’s there for the taking!

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