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What’s Up Wednesday {9.25.2019}

In the thick of birthday celebrations today and it hit me that tomorrow is the last Wednesday of September! I repeat. The Last. Wednesday. of. September. ALREADY! Wasn’t I just celebrating August being over and then BAM. September. So let’s get to What’s Up Wednesday today and talk about all things September and October!

What I’m Eating This Week

On the menu tonight is actually Mix and Match Mama’s Easy Weeknight Wiener Schnitzel. I’ve never tried it before but everything about it is giving me the fall Octoberfest feels. Pork coated in breadcrumbs and baked, seasoned with lemon and parsley. Yum! Now if only I could crack open a Sam Adams seasonal to go right along with it. 🙂

What I’m Reminiscing About

Yesterday was my sweet Jackson Cruz’s 4th birthday. Unbelievable that he’s already four, that I’ve been a mama for four years, and that it’s possible that time can possibly move this quickly.

Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday when I was just getting married and living with just Jerod and our dog, KC, and other times I can’t remember what life was like before having him in my world.

And if you missed it, I shared my themed birthday shirts I purchased/made for the boys for each of their birthdays. So fun to get something just a little extra special for them to wear on their big day. 🙂

What I’m Loving

For the longest time, I have been a strict Rodan & Fields Unblemish user. I’ve loved how smooth it makes my skin and it’s given such great results with any blemishes, even the crazy hormone-induced teen breakouts that I get with pregnancy. 🙄

After hearing a slew of great reviews, I decided to take a few weeks and try something new for my skin to see how it would change. I’ve been using a combination of CeraVe facial cleanser (just $14 for the value size at Target!!) and the Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser (under $20 at Amazon or $16 if you do Subscribe & Save).

Doing the double-wash was a little intimidating because I didn’t want to strip my skin as I tend to be more on the sensitive side, but I’ve had zero reaction. And I have seen some great results, not just with acne control but also in my fine lines! I was shocked to see my forehead wrinkles subside slightly! Every. Little. Bit. Counts!

And the smell of the Glycolic Acid cleanser is dreamy. So subtle and feminine. I just love it!

What We’ve Been Up To

My family is still back in PA so we get short bursts of visits every few months, and we were so excited to have my brother and my nephew come stay with us for four days last week! My nephew is just one month older than Jacks so you can imagine how Jackson, Colton, and my nephew, Chase, pick up each time they see each other. It’s all the energy, all the giggles, and all the fun!

There were a lot of times that my nephew would come up to me and say, “Umm…Jackson or Colton are over there.” 🙂 As Colt gets older and more mature features, the boys are getting harder and harder to tell apart! Nope. Not twins, buddy. 🙂

These guys are just going to be inseparable and it makes my heart just so happy. The time together is just magical.

What I’m Dreading

Super excited my pregnancy is moving along smoothly and I’m as healthy as ever as I finish up my second trimester, but I’m D-R-E-A-D-I-N-G the third trimester and all that comes with it. The bulkiness, the tiredness, the lack of sleep, the constant sense of just being huge and uncomfortable and wanting this baby OUT! I’m not there but I know it’s not far away. It’s like this looming sense just hanging out there that no one wants to talk about in the Kemper house. 🙂

What I’m Working On

All things Halloween! I’m excited to gather all my favorite Halloween treats, DIY projects, and costumes to share with you in the next couple weeks. I’m currently working on a how-to of Jackson’s Halloween costume from last year.

Oh those fall leaves 🧡

What I’m Watching/Reading

I immediately ordered Jonathan Van Ness’ Over the Top this morning. Any other Queer Eye fans out there? Tears every episode but just the most positive and uplifting show you can watch. I adore them!

And for shows? Is it even a question that my DVR is set and ready to go to catch up on all things This Is Us and New Amsterdam!? I am so excited all the shows are coming back on!!

What I’m Wearing

With the start of cool mornings, I’ve been reaching every morning for a quick and easy pullover to start the day, and these Old Navy tunics are perfect! So simple and put together with just leggings or skinnies, bump or no bump. And they are made to cover your rump! I get compliments on it every single time I wear them, too. You have to love a cheap staple that holds up well that you get compliments on, too!

What I’m Doing This Weekend

Our very own KC Royals are closing out their season this weekend and our manager, Ned Yost, is retiring at the close of the season. So of course we are loading up the fam and heading out to the stadium to watch him coach one more time. A little thank you to the coach that brought so much joy to my hubs in ’14 and ’15!

Jerod, Jackson and I at the Royals World Series Parade in November 2015. Jacks was just 5.5 weeks old! 😳

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

🍁 Fall colors, cooler days, and all things October.🍁

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  • natashajk

    I wrote about how sad I am that our Blue Jays are done this season this weekend too. Even though they didn’t get to the World Series either year (no thanks to your Royals in 2015!), they played so much better then. Have a great time at the game.

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