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Valentine’s Morning 2020

Happy Monday! I hope you’re relaxing with your hot cup of coffee right now, NOT having to go to work today. Or are you rushing around trying to get childcare in order because schools are closed but you still have to get to work? I remember those days when Jackson was in daycare and I was still working. It was never easy and it was always messy.

Lucky for me, Jerod gets all bank holidays off so we are really slow playing our Monday just like it’s a Sunday around here. 💛 My kind of start to the week!

And to start off this shortened week, I wanted to share with you a little bit about our Valentine’s Day this year! Such a great day celebrating our little Kemper family and all things love. ❤

A few weeks ago, I ordered the boys their Valentine’s Day shirts off Etsy, from a shop called RemyandKai. Jerod laughed and shook his head when I opened the package, but boy oh boy, it’s the truth. I love my boys, and my boys love me. 🙂

Mama’s Boy T-shirt

For Mya girl’s first Valentine’s Day, I had more family and friends get her adorable onesies covered in hearts, so she was wearing her hearts all week long!

Heart Onesie – Gap

Mya (a.k.a. the best baby in the universe) has been sleeping until about 5:00am each morning…more on that on her 2-month update tomorrow…so I put her back down to sleep and I got busy decorating the kitchen to surprise everyone when they woke up.

Presents for each one…

Including the dogs…

Balloons from Party City…

Valentine’s Day donuts from Dunkin’…

And Valentine’s the boys made for one another.

Jackson’s Hot Wheels Valentine’s

Really, I could have just done donuts and balloons, and my kids would have thought it was the greatest day ever, 🙂 but Jerod and I snagged some simple gifts for each of the kids this year. For Jackson, we got him the game Orangu-Twang that he loved playing with a friend at a recent play date.

I love it because it was a Toy of the Year finalist this year, and beyond setup, the boys can play it all on their own. They love it, and I love a game that can be played while I’m working on dinner or feeding Mya!

For Colt, we got him a Play-Doh Cement Mixer to add to his never ending collection of Play-doh and Kinetic Sand toys!

And for Mya Girl, I brought a little bit more pink into our house with a Singing Minnie Mouse doll. When you press her hand, she sings the “Happy Helpers” song from Mickey and the Roadster Racers (or is it Mixed-Up Adventures now? This whole transition they made on Disney Junior is beyond confusing!) I liked it because her bow lights up as she sings so Mya is mesmerized by it right now.

But then again…just about everything mesmerizes her. 🙂 It’s one huge world out there and she’s loving every part of it.

We opened presents, ate our donuts, and then Jerod headed off to work for the day. Jackson doesn’t have school on Fridays so the four of us played at the house, delivered Valentine’s to our neighbor friends, and made a little Red Velvet Valentine’s cake.

In retrospect, I realize just how much sugar my kids ingested throughout the day…

But it was one day. And they felt extra special. And I survived. 😉

I hope your Valentine was extra special for you and you made it through to the other side, as well. 🙂 Happy Monday, everyone!

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