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One of my very favorite things to read from other bloggers is a day in the life post. I’m always so curious how other people structure their days and how they make things work between kids, mealtimes, work and any semblance of “me time.” And it’s even more fascinating to me as we try to maneuver through this new normal we’re facing. Just how are you structuring your days?

So I thought it’d be fun to take you along a “typical” day (can a quarantine day be considered typical now?) at the Kemper house. Follow along to see just how our Monday went for us in the Day in the Life…

My alarm goes off every morning at 5:00am. Then it’s straight downstairs to immediately make coffee, chug some water, and spend a little time in the quiet praying and reading my devotionals.

Most days I’ll try to get in a workout, but I knew I’d be outside so much today, I decided to skip it. Today it was a little news to catch me up on the good and the bad, as I do a little work on Growing up Kemper and spend a little…a lot…of time on Pinterest. 🙂

I hop in the shower a little before 7:00 and get myself dressed and partially ready for the day before my brood wakes up between 7 and 7:30.

Then it’s breakfast with Jerod…

More water. More coffee…

Before I let the kids watch a show while I get life back in order and get the morning really started.

The boys are obsessed with Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids. I love it because they have learned so much from the show, but also because they hit some really deep concepts and have a great way of explaining them. We actually just watched an episode last week that touched on autism and what makes some people different. Casual for the kids. Awesome in my eyes!

I like to take that 30 minutes to clean the kitchen up from breakfast, take a few drink of probably the only hot coffee I’ll get to enjoy the rest of the day, and then actually put on makeup and do something with my hair. Today, I actually got a chance to straighten it!

It’s finally time to get “school” rolling.

This week we talked about the letter “W” and introduced it with a little watermelon work with our W. Colton is really mastering cutting so scissor work for him, while Jackson was focused more on the phonics. Everything we did this week was centered around “w:” Weather charts, spider webs, and everything from walruses to wannanosaurus (because…Dinosaur Train 😊).

Meanwhile, little love bug is always close by to bring an added dose of adorableness to the day!

We’ve had beautiful weather in KC lately so school wasn’t in session too long before we had to get out and enjoy the day. Mya kind of sits up well to take stroller rides facing forward so we loaded up and hit the streets for a little fresh air break.

They see us rollin’…

And because we were having such a great time outside, we decided to keep it going by having a little nature scavenger hunt around our house.

We picked colors we thought we’d see and the boys were tasked with then going and finding it. Funny how the boys found a patch of moss before they snagged a blade of grass. Their way of looking at the world differently is so powerful sometimes.

We talked about all the things we found while we had a little lunch on the deck.

Then it was off to a little quiet time in their rooms…a.k.a. my union break. 🙂 Quiet time is a chance for me to clean the house, do a little bit of laundry, meal plan, blog work…and mindlessly scroll Instagram. 🙂

When the boys woke up, Jerod was just finishing up with work for the day so we did a little more “school” on ABC Mouse while Jerod and I caught up with each other and chatted about the day…and enjoyed a cocktail….because, Monday.

Before dinner, our doorbell rang and a little surprise showed up on our front porch…

Good idea or bad idea? 🙂

The boys LOVED their new squirt guns and our night was coming to an end soaking wet and giddy!

Around 7:00, we start drawing the shades and closing down shop around here. The boys are typically exhausted and started to show it by this time, so it’s all about bedtime from 7-8.

First Mya…

Then Colt…

And finally Jacks…

I’m starting to look progressively more tired. 🙂

I’m so bummed that I didn’t snap a picture of the last part of my day: A Zoom meeting with some girlfriends where we attempted to solve a Murder Mystery Box! It was so much fun and way harder than I ever thought it was going to be. One of my girlfriends heard about it and had one delivered to her house. Someday soon we will be able to get together and drink a little too much wine and play detective, but for now, another Zoom date is getting put in the books soon!

So that’s it! A day in the life of the Kemper family. A little school, a little outside, and a whole lot of controlled chaos (sometimes 😉).

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