Mother’s Day Weekend 2020

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers out there! I hope you were appreciated, loved, and told to relax even just a little throughout the weekend.

Anyone else? Taking a day off is HARD sometimes! “Yeah, no, I know I need to relax. But let me just wipe this table off and then I’ll go drink my coffee…” 🙂

A quarantine Mother’s Day isn’t exactly the “norm,” but I feel like I couldn’t have had a better one. Jerod truly stepped up and gave me everything I could have asked for and so much more. Husband of the year, guys. Now the poor guy has my birthday coming up on Saturday… Poor sap. Gets slammed with two mama celebrations in one week. 😏

On Friday night, I hosted a Driveway Wine Tasting with a few girlfriends, and seeing some of my favorite people again made my heart so full. It’s been months since I’ve seen their faces outside of a Zoom meeting, and it was good.for.the.soul.

One of my close friends, Niki, is now working for Wine Shop at Home as a Wine Consultant and is doing an amazing job coming up with creative ideas to keep us “together” through this pandemic. She’s running virtual wine tastings, helping to organize and walking you through all the logistics of getting wine and food pairings to your friends with zero contact. She’s uber knowledgeable, super helpful with the details, and is there for whatever you need.

So I booked a small wine tasting with her for Friday evening, invited some near and dear friends, and made up some social distancing, zero contact, Clorox wiped, hand sanitized food pairings and driveway seating. 🙂 My guests were to bring their own chair and blanket. I’ve got the rest.

One would think this blogger would have amazing pictures of my dear friends sitting around the driveway, the trays of food pairings, and all the fun we had that night. I ended up with three pictures from that night…2 of which were accidents. 🤦‍♀️ I was having way too much fun that I didn’t ever want to pull out my phone. I was in the moment with people I love and kept that phone tucked safely away. Sad I don’t have those to share…but a great sign of an even greater night.

On Saturday, we loaded up our car and headed to spend the day with my in-laws. It’s been since February since us or our kids have seen them, and it was becoming apparent that it was wearing on all of us.

It was a day of walks through their woods…


Ice cream…

And great family time.

We all needed it and I’m so happy we made the trip. We left feeling fulfilled and our hearts a little happier.

On Mother’s Day, Jerod gave me the gift of alone time, and I don’t think I could have picked a better one. 😉

Throughout this pandemic, I have rarely left the house. And I hadn’t been to a store since before spring break. Anytime I left, it was just to get a little change of scene for a little change of attitude for me or the kids. We never left the car and we rarely even put shoes on.

So for Mother’s Day, I wanted to escape to the flower shop. First time in the store…all by myself…getting everything I needed for my flower beds and garden. Per-fec-tion.

Jerod offered up going to get some new shoes after I got our flowers. I decided maybe I shouldn’t spend anymore for the day. 🙂

The rest of Mother’s Day was about spending time with my little ones gardening and being outside. Having another gorgeous meal prepared by Jerod and feeling so appreciated and so loved.

The gorgeous bouquet I got from the kids, the meals cooked for me, all the landscape, and the time by myself. It was a beautiful day and I loved every moment. But to top it all off, Jerod was laying beside me in bed and he said, “I so appreciate you for what you do for us.” I went to sleep with a heart full and my cup filled. I hope and pray that you get a day, an hour, even a moment of that sort of gratitude. In a job that so fully depletes you to your core, it’s the small moments of love and appreciation that build you back up and recharges you. I hope you had that because you deserve it, mamas. 🤍


    • growingupkemper

      And a Happy Mother’s Day to you, Carrie! Hope you had a great day being celebrated by you big ones and your little ones, too! 😘

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