Mya’s 5 Month Update

Oh, Mya Girl. Four months sounds so much easier to swallow than five. Four months you’re still my little newborn. Five months? You’re doing big things and growing like a little weed.

Well, my 4th percentile weed. 😏

Today’s all about Mya hitting five months this week and all the big milestones she’s hit lately. How she’s eating, how she’s sleeping, and all the little details that make Mya one happy little girl.


At Mya’s last pediatrician appointment, we got the go-ahead to start solid foods and little mama hasn’t looked back to life before strained fruits and veggies. 🙂

We’ve already tried peaches, pears, bananas, and avocadoes to peas, green beans, squash, and pumpkin. Then of course there’s the slip in of fresh mozzarella cheese, crackers, hamburgers, cornbread and eggs. 😋 She’s disliked very little and the typical allergens (dairy, peanut butter) haven’t shown any side effects on the babe. WooHoo!! The most exciting part is that she’s already trying to grab for food and put it in her mouth. She was ready for this step and truly, so was I.

I love this time. I love trying out different foods and seeing the total look of disgust (like she is with eggs) or the ‘I-can’t-get-this-in-my-mouth-fast-enough’ look. It’s such a fun time. And maybe, just maybe….she can get my oldest to try a few more foods while she’s trying them, too. 😏

As for nursing, Mya’s still working to consistently take a bottle soooo we’re still a work in progress there. She feeds five times a day (see schedule below), so I’m nursing her morning, afternoon, and night with a bottle in between each.


I was pretty leary of the 4-month sleep regression creeping in on us. Okay, maybe more like falling asleep every night thinking the night could be dark and full of terrors for me… (if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you totally got that joke!)

We hit the four months, passed the four months, and moved on to five without any hiccup in her sleep whatsoever. She still gets put in her crib around 7pm and I don’t see that sweet face until 6:45 the next morning. Mya, you are a dream. 🤍 There are some nights she wakes up anywhere between 1:30 and 5am and just starts gabbing in her crib. I never have to go in to get her because she isn’t upset at all. It really is just Mya laying in her crib chatting away for about 10 minutes before falling asleep and not getting up again until morning. I call it Mya’s “girl talk” sesh. Baby girl just has some things to get off her chest apparently. 🙂

As for her naps, she’s becoming much more consistent with 3 a day. Two long ones (1.5-3 hours) and then a short 30-45 minute one just to push us through to bedtime. It’s not always this way, believe me. We get a day sometimes where she takes upwards of five naps because she is only sleeping short 45 minutes sleeps each time.

Since we’re still in quarantine, I just roll with it. (But really, you just have to roll with it even if you aren’t in quarantine, right?) If you want to sleep for three hours, I’m If you want to spend the day seizing every moment with your brothers, I’m here for that, too. I’ll snuggle you to sleep as many times as you need me to, baby girl.

So this is what a typical day with Mya looks like nowadays…


6:45 – Wake for the Day, nurse, playtime, eat breakfast with brothers

8:30 – 1st Nap

10:30 – Wake, Bottle, playtime

12:30 – Nurse to sleep, 2nd Nap

3:00 – Wake, Playtime, Bottle

5:00 – 3rd Nap

5:45 – Wake, dinner with family, bath, bedtime routine

6:30 – Nurse to sleep and lay in crib around 7:00pm for the night

All About Mya

She’s just the happiest, guys. The full smile that crosses her face when you walk in the room, the belly laugh at the littlest things, and the way her eyes just light up when you’re talking to her. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, baby girl, because you’ve got a lot of it.

And speaking of her full belly laugh, mama can really bring down the house. I’m officially the funniest person on earth. 🙂 This won’t last so let me document it now that I can make you squeal with giggles. I’ll take all the video evidence I can because pretty soon, dada is going to rule your world.

On Mother’s Day, little mama started to roll over from back to front (she rolled front to back about 1.5 months ago). Wait…isn’t this a 6 month milestone? You do it all the time now. One leg kick and there you are, on your belly and watching the world. Watch out Simone Biles, I may have a real tumbler on my hands.

Jackson and Colton love you more than words can explain, and you love and admire them back tenfold. The connection between the three of them is constant and is so beautiful to watch. My heart is full and my heart is just so, so happy.

You found your “voice” (scream?) last month…and you still have it. You’ve got a lot to say and you’re prepared to make yourself heard. I don’t hate it, baby girl. Show the world you’re here….well, until we’re in a crowded restaurant again…or church…or… 😉

Your thumb is your very favorite toy. Second favorite is anything that allows you to jump.

I love you more than I could ever explain. You’re smile makes me smile. Your laugh makes me laugh. Your snuggles make my whole body melt. You’re the perfect bookend to our family and I’m so thankful that God trusted me with you. Keep smiling, baby girl. The world is an amazing place and you’re going to make it better than you found it. Just watch. 🤍


  • Lindsay

    Mya is just so precious. Silly question, have you had her eyes evaluated? It appears that she may be a tad cross eyed? I’m new so I’m not sure if you’ve already talked about it but I know many eye issues can be corrected if addressed when kids are young. 🙂

    • growingupkemper

      Yes! We’ve been watching it and I brought it up to her pediatrician at her four month appointment. It’s already improved since she was a newborn so she wants to follow-up at her six month appointment. Really hopeful that it will self-correct, but prepared if we need to do some other interventions. There’s always something with little ones, right? 🙂

      • Lindsay

        Oh good, I am glad that your doctor thinks it will self-correct. I know a number of friends with kiddos that have had their children’s eye issues resolved thanks to early intervention. So I would always err on the side of being a little too proactive than having to be reactive. 🙂

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