First Day of School 2020

Oh, my mama heart is so full right now. Yesterday, Jackson was able to walk back into school for the first time since March 12th, and Colton walked in for the first time ever. It was a first day of school full of excitement and nervousness (maybe more me than them 😏), but the boys *almost* loved every minute of their first day of school.

This will be year 4 of some sort of schooling for Jackson, starting with a Mother’s Day Out and then moving through to his last year of preschool before starting kindergarten next year. Bah…don’t love typing out that he’s going to kindergarten next year, but we’ve got 365 days for me to dread that one. 🙂

Yesterday was so exciting for him. He was so ready to get back with his friends, to learn and play, and to be with some of his favorite people outside our home. He woke up early, was all smiles, and just couldn’t wait to get into the car to go. When we got to the building, he spotted his teacher and walked right through that door.

I’m so proud of Jackson for being so brave in new situations. He sees the excitement in the day and doesn’t dwell on the scary. He knows the long-term fun in the situation and doesn’t get bogged down in the initial worry. Jackson is smart as can be, kind to all, and wants to be friends with all.

This year will be so good for you, Jackson. Go be a kid. Smile big, play hard, learn something new everyday, and have the best last year of preschool you can have!

Yesterday was Colton’s very first time leaving me beyond going to his grandma’s house. Let me rephrase that. He’s never left me to even go to his grandma’s house without his brother. He’s always had me or his brother with him at all times. Even his swim lessons he’s doing right now are in a group with Jackson since they’re so close in age (20 months).

We were tossing around the idea of Colton starting preschool last year when I was pregnant with Mya so I could have time alone with her after she was born. Jerod and I went back and forth deciding if that was the right move or if I should keep Colton home with me for one more year. In the end, we decided that Colt could benefit from being home with me and spending more one-on-one time together. Having a brother so close in age always seemed to take away our time.

That was one of the greatest decisions we made. He flourished at home. He learned his numbers, his letters, his speech erupted, he became more confident in himself. He became the Colt we so adore through that time at home.

And that time made him go from not wanting to go to school, to telling me that he was so excited to get to school so he could “be a big kid now.”

You could tell he was pretty apprehensive walking to meet his teachers outside yesterday, but he was ready to walk in those doors. He was ready to be a big kid.

There were no tears leaving us. Well…no tears from Colton. 😉

At the end of the day, he told us he got sad a couple times because the day was just a little too long and he “missed his mama.” *Cue heart crumbling* But he had nothing but the best things to talk about. Thursday may be a little harder because the excitement is wearing off and the realization that he’s leaving me every day for a few hours is becoming more real. But his teachers are top-notch, his school is incredible, and I know he’s going to grow so much this year.

Colton, you are sweet, you are funny, and you are kind. You are creative and charismatic. You are going to make friends and see just how much you can accomplish in this world outside our home.

These boys make me proud every single day. They’ve got big hearts, kind souls, and a fire in them that I can’t wait to see develop this year. Happy First Day, Jacks and Colt. I love you to the moon and back.

xx Rachel

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