Mya’s ONE!!

I don’t think I could be in more disbelief over a sentence. I never knew a year could go by so quickly. Especially a year like 2020 that was full of heartache, tumultuous times, and just overall strangeness. She has been my spot of joy through this entire year. My place where I could come walk away from the scary, uncertain times and focus on her. On her growing and shining, on her changing and loving. She’s been our bright star this year and I think God knew just what He was doing when he made her.

So today, let’s skip the eating and the sleeping updates because she eats everything and sleeps like a champ. 😉 Instead, let’s focus on all the amazing parts of Mya that make up who she is. The wonderful, beautiful, warm, cuddly little girl that she is.

Mya doesn’t have a “lovey” or a security blanket, or even a favorite stuffed animal or toy. What she does have is me. I am still her very favorite person and at any given point, she’s climbing up my legs for me to hold her. I’m her safe place and her comfort still. And I’ll hold onto that little nugget for as long as I can…

She is into everything. I’m not quite sure when it hit, but Mya is everywhere and into every little thing she can get her hands on. Presents under the tree? She’s climbing on top of them. Leave a bathroom door open? She’s unrolled rolls of toilet paper and is banging on the seat. Have a plant? You’ll find her eating dirt. Dog bowls? Her very favorite.

And boy that girl is fast! You truly turn your head for one minute and she’s off and crawling like a mad man.

Mya took her first steps this month! Beat her brothers by almost a full two months in the walking department. But she still prefers crawling over walking because she just isn’t fast enough on her feet yet. It’s like she wanted to prove that she could do it…and then moved on to what got her there the fastest.

She may be my strongest child, both mentally and physically. Mya is a headstrong little girl. She knows what she wants, she goes after what she wants, and if you try to stop her, she won’t give up. She’s a beautiful little fighter, and boy does that make me so very proud. She’s going to have a dream one day and then work like hell to achieve it. I can’t wait to see it all happen.

Physically, she’s in a league of her own. She started flipping herself back and forth around 3 months old. She was fully braced starting at 7 months old to help her hips develop properly, and she flipped herself over the first night (the doctor didn’t think that was even a possibility for someone her age). She walked before 1. She can get out of any high chair you attempt to harness her into. Jerod was positive he would get a gentle little girl, but she may be more of a handful than the two boys any day of the week!

But at the end of the day, when we’re rocking together in her chair, she falls asleep on my shoulder almost every single night. She may be busy and adventurous, but she’s never outgrown the comfort of my shoulder at night and my necklaces in her grasp.

Mya has two incredible dimples and a smile that lights up a room. She’ll flash that smile regularly, but it’s the laugh that you have to work for. It’s almost like she’s analyzing you and waiting to see just how far you’ll go. But when she giggles…wow, does it make you smile! It’s our favorite sound to hear and believe me, we will do just about anything to hear it.

Mya has plenty to say these days! She’s repeating sounds and talking long strings of gibberish to us lately. And it’s not only talking, but it’s putting a name to actual objects. Her newest adorable words are “Ho! Ho! Ho!” ❤

Now it wouldn’t be a Mya post without another doctor’s appointment. How about two appointments in the 24 hours of her birthday? Sounds about right…

As I’m writing this, I have just gotten home from her latest eye appointment with her surgeon. Let’s talk glass half full for a minute. She does NOT have Duane’s Syndrome and does NOT have nerve palsy. Hallelujah! Glass half empty time…she does still have a dominant right eye and the possibility of an additional surgery is very much on the table for us. We are going to settle for more patching and reevaluate in early February.

She’s had quite a first year. A pandemic struck when she was only 3 months old. Long were the days of visitors, playdates, adventures with her brothers, or going on vacations. She didn’t spend the typical third child amount of time skipping naps and riding from one place to another. She lived her best life. We were all home. We were all there to see her grow, to see her milestones. To take care of her when she went through countless doctor’s appointments and eye surgery. We were all there to love on her when any other year wouldn’t have allowed for that.

I know I’m a better mother because of her. She’s changed me in so many positive ways in just one short year. God knew exactly what He was doing with her. She was brought into my life for a reason and I’m so blessed He trusted me with her.

I am so lucky to have you, Mya. I love you, my sunshine. Happy 1st Birthday!

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