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Another day, another “I don’t know what to say” post. I had a recipe planned for today, but as I was uploading my pictures and crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s, I just couldn’t finish it. I was having a hard time just moving along with life as if we all weren’t feeling the chaos. No matter where you are in the world, you’re feeling it. The unsettling feeling. The unease. And it doesn’t matter what political side you’re on, you feel it.

What happened wasn’t normal.

So as we move along and process yet another moment that will forever be marked in our history, let me just give my one very important thought: God is with us. God is watching. God is here.

Pray. Talk to Him. He will give you comfort. He will give you rest. He will give you comfort.

Instead of turning on another news cycle or scrolling through social media, sit with Him and hear His words instead of the noise of the outside. It’s time to refocus on who and what is most important to us and refocus our minds, our actions, our voices on what is good.

With so much to process, it’s time to process with Him. Take time for that today.

xx Rachel

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