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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes

Spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, longer days, and sunshine! It’s all right around the corner and today’s a day to celebrate it with a cute and easy cupcake recipe that will bring a little sunshine inside your home to match that spring turning outside.

My favorite part of this recipe? It looks way harder than it is.

It looks like you pulled a Pinterest pin right off your computer and onto your table…without having the stress, the long ingredient list, and the epic fails. It looks like you worked really hard and spent oodles of time when you just don’t actually have to!

Bring in the kids, decorate the table with your spring favorites and bring on the smiles with these adorable St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes!

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes

A fun way to turn a simple store-bought cake mix and icing into a festive surprise the whole family will love this St. Patrick's Day!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Dessert
Servings 24 cupcakes


  • Mixer
  • Piping Bag
  • #1 Icing Tip
  • Thin Artist Paintbrushes


  • 1 box cake mix + ingredients listed on box
  • 1 container store-bought icing
  • gel food coloring, I used 5 colors from the rainbow (linked below)
  • gold sanding sugar and gold coins for added fun!


  • Mix ingredients according to cake mix package directions. Bake, as directed, and let cool completely on a wire baking rack.
  • Open piping bag and place #1 icing tip in position. You may need to cut the bag to properly fit the tip if it isn't cut already.
  • Place piping bag in a glass, tip side down. Cut the bag along the two seams about halfway down the bag so it lays open around your glass (see picture below for clarity).
  • Dip one thin artist's brush into your first gel food coloring color. Draw a thin line from the top of your icing bag down to the tip. This doesn't need to be a thick line. Remember, the more coloring you use, the darker the color will be. Clean brush or use another for each color. Continue for each of your chosen colors, working around the piping bag.
  • Spoon in your icing into the piping bag and twist your bag at the top to force all icing to the tip. Swirl your icing on top of each cupcake and watch the rainbow magic appear!
  • Garnish cupcakes with gold sanding sugar, gold coins, leprechaun hats, whatever festive addition you can find!


I used this box of gel food coloring from Michael’s but the store was also fully stocked with all colors sold individually, as well.  *Online, Michael’s showed these were all out of stock in my store.  However, when I went in, they had options galore.  I’m sure your store will have quite the supply, as well!*
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Rainbow Icing

Gather your ingredients and nab a glass from your cabinet. This is an easy stand to fit your piping bag into and save the hassle of holding it.

Cut the bag in two places so it lays well over the edges of your glass.

Draw thin lines along the inside of your piping bag using different brushes, or cleaning in between each color. Spoon in your icing and your on your way to adorable St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow cupcakes!

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xx Rachel

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