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February 2022 Book Review

I had to postpone this post two days because I just HAD to finish my last book this month. I was so invested and I couldn’t wait until next month to talk about it. I read three books this month: two that were definitely top three potential and one that was really far from it.

So here we go, the Feburary 2022 book review!

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

I’ve become a massive fan of Colleen Hoover books as of late. I read It Ends with Us, Regretting You, and November 9 over the last couple of years, and was very interested in this book when it was released. She’s a fabulous storyteller and I’m always so enamored by the way she develops her characters. And this book was no different. I read this book over two days. I could. not. put. it. down. And by the end, I was fully sobbing. Uncontrollably sobbing, guys.

Kenna travels back to her hometown after being in jail for five years for vehicular manslaughter. She’s on the hunt for her daughter, now almost 5, who she hasn’t seen since she was born in the jail. Her daughter is surrounded by people that love and adore her, so does Kenna even have a right to come into her life? Is she better off? Does she know her mother loves her? As Kenna tries to navigate her past, she’s hopeful for a future and some redemption of a life that has just gone so astray.

I have chills as I’m even going back and recalling my thoughts on this book. It is beautiful, it is heartbreaking, it is powerful. It is just fantastic. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the characters and their situation since I closed the book the final time. It challenges your feelings on what you believe, what people “deserve,” and how to forgive when it’s the unthinkable. I highly, highly recommend this read and I expect it to be right in my top three at the end of this year!

Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan

I read Reminders of Him in two days. I read my third book in four days. I read Becoming Mrs. Lewis the ENTIRE rest of the month. I could never get into this book. I felt as though it dragged on, it had the same chase the entire book, and it never escalated until the very end. This was a disappointing read for me because it came highly reviewed by a good friend of mine who said it’s the best book she’s read this year. Yikes! I couldn’t match that. I’m not going to recommend this one today.

Becoming Mrs. Lewis is the fiction (but highly researched and reputatble life story) of Joy Gresham Lewis, C.S. Lewis’ wife. Joy is married, living in New York with an alcoholic and emotionally abusive husband, two boys, and an atheist outlook on life. When her husband stays out all night with another woman while Joy is at home with her two small babies, she drops to her knees and instantly feels God. He’s there with her, comforting her through her pain and grief. To navigate and answer just what happened to her that night, Joy’s friend gives her the address of a dear friend of his that would be a wonderful resource. That man was C.S. Lewis.

This book could have been chopped down so much. I felt like there was a constant back and forth, push and pull. Maybe I would have liked it more then? I’m not sure. It’s an interesting real-life story, but one that could have been far less than 416 pages.

Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

Where have I been hiding that I’ve never read an Elin Hildebrand story? Wow! I LOVED this one! And even explaining the premise to Jerod, he was hooked. I loved everything from the characters and their stories, the setting (can I visit Nantucket, like, yesterday?!), the description of every small shop and restaurant, the FOOD, and especially the premise of the book.

Vivi Howe is a beautiful, successful author of 13 novels. She’s reached top two on national bestseller lists and has so much going for her in life. Three almost-grown children, a new book being released in weeks, and freedom from a relationship that just wasn’t going much farther. She takes off on her morning run, relishing in the beautiful island and equally beautiful life, only to be hit in a hit and run accident and dies.

She’s taken to the In Between where she meets Martha, her guide for her time in this space. She’s given the ability to stay in this period for the remainder of the summer to watch the world below her. To be there to watch over her children, the island, and the upcoming release of her book. Vivi is given three “nudges,” an ability to change the course of actions below three times.

Vivi now has to decide who and when to nudge and how those actions can alter the lives of the loved ones she’s left behind.

I was entranced by the lives of her children and I can say there was a shocking twist at the end that I NEVER saw coming. I couldn’t wait to uncover just who hit her, the motive behind it, and how everyone copes. I LOVED this book. A fabulous spring break read for all those travelers and one to transport you off to Nantucket for all of us staying home, too.

Happy Reading!!

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