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In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to post all about my firstborn.  My love that made me a mama.  Today’s post is all about Jackson Cruz!

I decided to “retire” from teaching and stay at home with Jackson after about…one week after he was born. 🙂  So from the time Jacks was 8 months old (I finished out the school year), I’ve been able to stay at home with him.  I can tell you that days are long, but I’ve never…and I mean never…had a terrible day.  There are terrible moments, but never terrible days.

Fast forward, Jackson is two years old and attends a Parent’s Day Out preschool program 2x/week for half days.  He really adores being around kids so we enrolled him to get that social aspect he doesn’t always get with me staying at home.  Plus, with Colton born last June, it gave big brother some fun “big brother” things to do while I got some one on one time with little brother.  It’s been a great year and he really has thrived!


His first day of Parent’s Day Out.

Jacks is an easy kid.  He’s a kid that picks things up really quickly.  Sleeping through the night? Yep, started at 2 months.  Potty training? Nailed it in 3 days.  Singing full songs from Imagine Dragons? Before mama even has them memorized. 🙂  I’ve always said that God would give us a real struggle with future kids because how great we had it with Jackson.  Lucky for us, we got our doll, Colton. 🙂

Although he started talking very early on and is a strong speaker for his age, Jackson is extremely shy.  He likes to sit back and observe before he puts himself out there.  He listens before speaking up.  Boy, do I wish I had that characteristic sometimes! 🙂 He’s a boy that loves to play with other kids, but if he doesn’t feel right about the situation, is completely content playing alone.

And when he plays, you best believe it has something to do with trains…

My guy loves all things trains!  He can fully recite The Little Red Caboose because that’s all we read for a two month stretch (one of us loved that more than the other!) 🙂  If we aren’t in a hurry, I take the long route to run errands so we can drive over the train tracks near our house, just in hopes there is a train coming.

Our first family vacation to Anna Maria Island.

My favorite thing about Jacks is his laugh.  He has a laugh that comes from deep inside his soul.  It is genuine, it is unbridled, and it is the most beautiful thing about him.  Nothing brightens my day like his laugh.  And boy does he laugh often!  We worry so much about our kids being hurt in this world.  My prayer for Jackson is that no one ever takes away his laugh.  The world needs more of it!

Where is your shoe, little man?

We’re all really big fans of Jackson around the Kemper house.  Colton idolizes his brother already, and lucky for him, Jackson is a pretty big fan of C, too! 🙂  When Colton was born, Jackson was only 20 months old.  We were terrified how Jacks would react to this new baby and how different life would be.  He pretty much ignored his brother for the first 6 or 7 months (it could have been way worse, right?) but they are “brothers” now!  The bond is there and it is amazing!

Funny Things About Jackson:

1.  We listen to the Polar Express soundtrack in the car almost every single day.  Every time he hears the train whistle at the start of the theme song, his entire face lights up and he yells, “Do you hear the choo-choo Colton?”

2.  Jackson can be dog tired at bedtime, but always takes AT LEAST 30 minutes to decompress in bed before he falls asleep.  And when I say at least, he has gone over an hour before just kickin’ it in his bed.  He sings songs, talks to himself, or plays with his stuffed animals in bed before he gets settled enough to close his eyes.  He can never just close his eyes and go to bed. 🙂

3.  He can correctly name every construction vehicle in existence.  One of my favorite times in the car was when we passed a driveway being paved and he says, “Look mama! A skid steer loader!”  I had to Google what that even was.

4.  I’ve never seen a kid get so excited for new clothes like Jackson does.  I buy him something new and he wants to immediately put it on and go look in our full length mirror.  The smile on his face when he gets new clothes is just the best!  And I could watch him even check out how his booty looks in them allll dayyyy loonnngg! 🙂

5.  Jacks was never much of a snuggly babe.  I always blamed it on being in the NICU for his first five days, but I soon realized he just wanted to be on the move.  Like never, ever stop moving.  But suddenly, when he turned two, all he wants to do is snuggle!  He wants to curl up and watch a movie on the couch.  I put him in bed and he so sweetly looks up and says, “Come lay down with me mama.”  Oh my heart!  Please give me years and years of those sweet cuddles.

My sweet Jackson made me a mama and I can never thank God enough for all that he has brought to my life.  You’re brilliant, sweet boy.  Never lose your wonder, your kind heart, or your genuine laughter.  You’re going to make a change in this world and I can’t wait to see what that is.  You’re my oldest…and you sure are a good one! 🙂

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