Life Lately

My days go a little like this on a normal day:

  • Wake-Up between 4-4:30
  • Workout at the only place that would make me set my alarm at that ridiculous time! (Fusion Fitness — Sweat Lab videos all online, too!)
  • Rush to get ready before kids wake up
  • Play and explore until naptime
  • Crash for 15 minutes scrolling all my feeds
  • Blog
  • Play and explore until bedtime
  • Zombie out on the couch with my husband until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore

Not bad for a day, right?  I feel like I get it all in that makes my heart full and my mind used.  This past month, it’s gone a little different.  It went a little bit like this:

  • Wake-Up with my mind racing of all the things I need to get accomplished during the day
  • Demo, pack, shove things into every extra space
  • Design our new kitchen, half bath, dining, livingroom, and playroom
  • Budget, crunch numbers, and try to make it not cost so much 🙂
  • Demo, pack, shove more things into every extra space
  • Make a list for the next day and start all over again

Guys, it’s been crazy.  I’ve missed my little blog space and this opportunity to talk and share with all of you.  But now the hard part of our main level remodel is complete and I’m handing it all over to our contractor to take all my design ideas and make them a reality.  Here’s a little peek at what we did to get the demo started and how our space looks now!

No filter needed, right? Cover my eyes!

If you forgot what this sweet little house looked like before we took down walls and ripped off that glorious wallpaper and popcorn ceiling, take a peek at this post:  Fixer Upper Home Tour.

But for the fun parts…anyone super jealous that these are the places I get to visit on the regular?! 🙂

As for the design aspects, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and every HGTV show, post, and magazine to find just the right pieces to add to our home. To just keep my husband in the loop (he’s so not interested in this!), I made some design boards for him to just map out everything I have in mind to get his thoughts on it, too.  Watch for a post on those Friday!!

So beyond doing all the messy construction stuff, these boys of mine have been growing and changing and becoming the best little boys I could’ve ever dreamed!  We are having a blast just having small adventures, spending each and every day together and not having a place to be while going everywhere.

Take a seat right there, C. 🙂

We had my brother and nephew visit this past weekend from Pittsburgh, PA and couldn’t have asked for a better time!  My nephew, Chase, is only one month older than Jacks so they are just two peas in a pod.  Getting them together, and getting together with my brother, always makes for the best time.  Would love them to be a little closer but it makes each visit even more special in our eyes.

See that Apple Watch there?  Get my feelings on it over here!

It’s been a summer for the ages and there hasn’t been a day I would change.  I love the opportunity to be home with my boys, to design and head a renovation, and be so busy in life that I don’t even have time to stop and write, but I’m ready to sink into a cozy fall with plenty of adventures, but plenty of opportunities to snuggle in and enjoy.  Jacks is going to school, he’s turning three, and Colton is going a million miles an hour.

Days are long, ya’ll, but years are way too fast!




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