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We’ve reached the halfway point!!  Or I guess I should say, “We’ve reached what our contractor claims is the halfway point!!”  I wanted to share some progress pictures with you all to show you just how far we’ve come since August 15th and tell you about where we are in the process.

Just to recap it all, we moved into our amazing little Fixer Upper (check out the full tour here!) in November 2017.  We knew from the start that we were looking for a house with great bones with some very specific things that we had to have for our kids (sidewalks, walk to the park, quiet streets).  When we found it, we jumped on it and put in an offer within two hours of seeing it for the first time.  Months in, we knew we WANTED to remodel, but it was hard for us (or mostly my husband) to watch THAT much cash come out of our bank account.  So we lived in it, researched, and finally jumped the gun in August to start a whole main floor remodel.

Starting day one, we had to come to a screeching halt and install a second A/C and furnace for our second story.  Not the most ideal start.  But since then, it’s been smooth sailing!  It’s been all demo, rebuilding, trimming, and details since then.  So ready for the fun stuff?

Here’s our kitchen BEFORE…

After Jerod and I took to the sledge hammer for a little demo…

This whole area was once a half bathroom, “laundry closet,” and a wet bar.

And the current state of our kitchen!!

See where our pantry door starts along the back wall?  That’s how wide our kitchen used to be.  Amazing, right?

Another area that we have made massive changes to was our front room.  When you enter our front door, to the left there was a room that the previous owners used as a sitting area.  We used it as a small playroom to keep a few of our toys from entering into our living room when they got brought out of the basement.

Prior to demo, it was…

(Before photos just have to be a little dark and shadowy, right?)

And currently…

Oh heyyy, livingroom!

The final area I’ll show will be the dining room.

The ceiling was removed and made flat, moved our garage door, and opened the walkway more.  That atrocious wallpaper is still making it’s appearance, however. 🙂

We’re coming along and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to do this.  The days can be long, it’s not very convenient to be kitchenless, but the results and the memories we’re going to make in this beautiful space from now until forever make it all worth it!

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