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Halloween 2018

This Halloween was one for the ages! Jacks was finally at the age that he “got” what he was supposed to do, what he got, and just how fun it would be.  That crazy boy woke up early singing Disney Junior Halloween songs, refused to nap because he was too busy hiding under his blanket then popping out and saying “BOO!” and talking alll about the candy coming his way.  As exhausting as holidays can be, watching them get that jazzed just brings so much joy to your tired soul. 🙂

Before we get into costumes, can we talk about this KC fall?!  Temperatures in the 60s, so much sunshine, and the LEAVES!

I would like everyone to not clean up their yards just yet.  Please don’t take these beauties away!  Well at least until I get my Christmas decorations up…then you need to clean it all up ASAP. 🙂

Jacks went this year as a train engineer because…well, that’s all he talks about.  I made this Thomas the Train to go along with his costume and he rocked that costume all night long.  T-R-O-O-P-E-R.

I’ll do a how-to post on how I made that Thomas out of a diaper box and less than $10 of craft supplies from Michaels. So easy and held up great through the night and even as a toy today.  Cute for all those train lovers out there!

So since Jacks went as a train, Jerod joined in on the fun as a train gate.  Best looking train gate out there! 🙂

My sweet little Colton went as a panda bear this year, and I have to say was just the most precious thing in his little fleece onesie!  I purchased him a tiger one originally, but since I call Colton my “little Colton bear,” Jacks was insistent he went as a bear.  Wish granted, bossy pants. 🙂

I wanted to match my little man so I purchased a ‘Mama Bear‘ long sleeve hoodie from Amazon, some simple panda bear ears, and a matching nose.  These little moments matching my little are fleeting already.  Take advantage of them when you can.

Hope you had a safe, fun, spooky Halloween this year!

And now…

November 1st Christmas is coming.


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