Colton’s 18 month Update

My sweet, fiesty, snuggler of a babe turns 18 months today and I’m finding myself asking that age old question, “How did this happen?!” 

You get pregnant and you typically hear two things repeated over and over again.  “Are you having twins?” (yuck. And yes, I heard that. Twice.) and “Soak it all in.  It goes so fast.”  Colton’s last 18 months have been a complete blur and I truly don’t know where the time went.  Suddenly, my little boy is talking, singing songs, grabbing my hand and wanting to walk instead of being held…and this mama heart is having a hard time letting him grow up.  Be my babe for a few more years, okay C?

Can we just look at that smile a little bit more?

That underbite gets me every. single. time. 

Colton has a strong personality.  He loves hard, he fights hard, and laughs with every inch of his being.  Give him a stuffed animal and he will snuggle, kiss, hug, and hold on to it for the next hour.  Take it away and you’ll hear a scream come out of him that can turn any hearing aid down.  BIG personality.  But that’s what makes him so special.  I can see his huge heart and his will shining through already.  He’s going to be a boy, a man, that will be truly dedicated and loving to those lucky enough to know him, and will fight for what is right and just in this world.  He will be competitive, fierce, and loyal.  My goodness your personality is going to make a difference in this world, baby C.  Move mountains.

This kid is the definition of active.  Call it being a boy or call it a little bit of daredevil, C is all about running, climbing, and scaring the wits out of mama.  Stand at the top of the slide so you can be taller?  Loves it.  Climb up and down off the furniture?  Favorite.  The more we can be moving, the bigger his smile. 

But at night, when it’s time to rest, he lays in my arms and cuddles.  Need a smile?  Listen to this sweet boy sing “This Little Light of Mine.”  Heart. Exploding!  And sometimes, if we can swing it, he still falls asleep in my arms.  He plays hard, but loves harder.  

Speaking of sleep, Colton just now started to consistently sleep through the night.  Hallelujah!  Really making sure mama doesn’t have another baby anytime soon, huh? 🙂

We’ll save the third born for another day (or maybe not) because I’m really loving watching the relationship between Colton and Jacks grow.  He fits in his clothes, tries doing everything his big brother is doing, and loves nothing more than to make his brother laugh. 

These two are inseparable and I couldn’t be more blessed by it.  Being only 20 months apart is hard on everyone involved at times, but I truly couldn’t ask for a better situation.  They know nothing different than each other and they have a bond that is so strong, so bullet proof, and so loving.  Give me all the anxiety-filled trips to the grocery store with two baby boys because this is perfection.

Give me your spunk, your love, your 0-60 personality.  Let me soak in your will and not diminish it, because it’s going to take you so far one day, little man.  Use it for good and change the world, because you sir, are going to do it.  Happy 18 months, baby Colton!

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