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5 Simple Changes to a Healthier Kitchen

I’m well aware of the crazy amount of chemicals that infect our homes daily. The problem is that there is so much, I get so overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start to make changes! I want my family to be healthy, but it becomes so daunting when there is always a new warning about using certain products. Don’t use nonsticks, don’t use plastics, don’t own a kitchen. 🙂

It’s terrifying to really break it down and sometimes the more I read, the more I want to just start making all my own pottery and fly off the grid. 🙂 Kidding…but don’t you sometimes get like that? Companies, just stop with all the untested chemicals. Pretty please.

So to make it a little less daunting, I took five of the largest concerns in my kitchen and I’m switching things up. Simple, inexpensive changes that can make a world of difference in your homes. Don’t get overwhelmed. We can do this together!

Plastic to Glass Tupperware

So what’s the big deal? Grandma always sends me home with leftovers in used Cool Whip containers and margarine tubs. Simple and super cheap, right? And if Grandma does it, it’s legit. 🙂

But what I’ve found is that some plastic containers still are made with BPA, a nasty chemical that creates a more sturdy dish, but does ruthless damage on your reproductive and endocrine systems. The makers have gotten so much backlash, products marketed towards babies and toddlers have almost completely stopped using BPA, but some others still do.

So the people that stopped using BPA created another sturdy chemical to use in their products called BPS, which may actually be a worse chemical for you. Awesome, right? It actually showed that it can do more damage when leached into your food than what BPA did.

Then there are plasticizers which leach into your food (especially oily and fatty foods) when containers are heated in the microwave or by the food itself. Those plasticizers cause weight gain and can do a number on reproductive systems. See why I’m making a switch?

All the plastic got tossed the other day when this little package came in the mail from Wal-Mart! Pyrex 18-piece Simply Store Glass Containers for just $32!!

Pyrex Simply Store 18-piece Set

The bowls and dishes are large enough to store any and all leftovers and I just love the variation in size. I originally thought that I would need to buy more than one set to really cover all the plastic containers that I threw out, but so far, I haven’t had any issue with storage. Bye-bye plastic tubs!

School Lunch Containers

Read all my reasons above why I don’t want to send Jackson to preschool with plastic containers for lunch. I had the most adorable little bento box plastic containers for him that I’m just not going to use anymore. He rarely gets something warm in his lunch, but there is no sense in risking it. What if the container doesn’t really hold up in the dishwasher? Same leaching problem as stated earlier. Time for a switch!

Enter: NomBox 3-piece Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers – $22

Candles to Essential Oils

I am such a sucker for a good candle in a kitchen, but anything a candle can do, an oil can do better. 🙂 I just recently did a whole post on my 10 favorite winter diffuser scents to boost your mood and your immune system, while also filling your house with amazing smells. I described why candles no longer have a place in my home and why I’m making the switch to essential oils. Candles, and the artificial fragrance, just have too many warnings out there and it’s such an easy element to eliminate. Nix the fake and go with something that brightens your home and your health!

Plastic Wrap to Beeswax

Kind of rhymed, didn’t it? Totally meant for that to happen. 🙂 So do you notice a trend happening? It’s all about nixing the plastic in my kitchen when it comes to food preparation and storage.

Another way that I typically would store food would be to leave it in the bowl I used to serve it in on the table, and slap on some Saran Wrap and toss it in the fridge. Simple, no extra cleanup, and easy to toss at the end. The hardest part was just getting it to rip off without me throwing around 17 cuss words!

Plastic wrap has one major chemical in it to help hold its shape and seal our containers: PVC. Exposure to PVC can cause birth defects, skin diseases, cancer and deafness, as well and liver and spleen problems. Awesome.

One of my favorite bloggers, Brooke from NestingWithGrace.com uses Bee’s Wrap Assorted Food Wraps -$18 to cover her food and just raves about it.

Do you see what they can cover? Bowls, cheese, leftover produce, oh my!

So when I got it and there were only three, I hesitated a bit. I didn’t think that would be enough to really do the trick, but since I purchased them, I’ve never NOT had one available to use. With the mix of glass containers and these Bee’s Wraps, I’m setup for safe food storage practices.

Switch Out Your Nonstick Cookware

I got two nonstick skillets for our wedding and I think I’ve used them every single meal to cook for my family. I have an entire set of stainless pans in my cabinet that I use….ummmm…well, they still LOOK BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

Just the other day, I had eggs that were sticking to the bottom of my nonstick pan. Hmmm. So I cleaned out the pan, took a closer look, and saw little tiny cuts on the base of my skillet that have now rusted. OMG.

When nonstick pans are heated (and more so if you have cuts or flaking pieces) they emit something called PFOA, a chemical linked to a range of health problems, including thyroid disease, infertility in women, and organ damage and developmental and reproductive problems in lab animals. I mean…have you noticed that each one of these chemicals do damage to reproduction in women?

After doing extensive research, I found something really amazing. SAFE, NONSTICK COOKWARE! GreenPan Lima Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, 12pc – $149

GreenPan is a poineer of healthy ceramic non-stick cookware. It doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals or pollutants (PFAS, PFOA, lead, cadmium). The coating also doesn’t blister, peel, or release harmful fumes if you overheat the pans. And it woks with all heat sources!

This is 100% my next purchase on Amazon and I can’t wait to try these out!!

This kitchen is my first big change towards a safer home. The year of CLEAN is only just beginning! 🙂 What are some of your recommendations to a safer home?

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