What I’m Gardening This Week – Companion Planting

It’s time for another round of What I’m Gardening This Week! The weather is getting warmer, the sun is out just a tiny bit longer, and my seeds are itching to be planted soon. Next week, it’s time to plant the first round and put the DIY grow lights you created from last week to good use.

This week, it’s all about choosing which vegetables and herbs can be planted by one another, and which ones cannot. It’s amazing the benefit that planting certain crops directly around one another. And in the same token, how detrimental it can be to plant some directly alongside. Plant basil around tomatoes or peppers. The benefit? They enhance growth and repel flying insects. Plant cabbage around those same tomatoes? They stunt growth and take away vital nutrients. Who would have thought?!

So to get us started, I’m putting a few great resources below to share with you. The easiest to look at the vegetable you’re planting, and find what works well and what doesn’t work around it. Take note of your specific crops you are using this year and mentally mapping out your space.

Note: When it says to plant far away from, a good rule of thumb is 4 feet or more away from the crop. No need to go any further as it won’t have much effect.

Now you can get a better feel of what will give your crops the best results, you can begin mentally mapping our your space. Next Monday, we will talk about seeding our first crops. The following week, we will beginning drawing out our gardening maps using these resources.

Happy Gardening!

xx Rachel


  • carolee

    Always interesting to see the charts, etc. on companion planting. I’ve observed for fifty years now, and don’t really see much advantage or disadvantage. I just plant as neighbors those that like the same growing conditions and look pretty together. The chart that suggests planting thyme (a plant that need to be dry) with cabbage (that needs lots of water) would take way more work and effort than I’m willing to give. So I take all that buddy/bully with a grain of salt and just do what seems right for my plants.

    • growingupkemper

      There are so many philosophies when it comes to gardening, aren’t there? I always say do what works well for you and what gets you the greatest success. I grew up with my dad always doing companion planting and he always had the best harvest each year. I’ve continued that on and I’ve had great success, too! When you get something that works…stick to it! 😊

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