What I’m Gardening This Week: Hydrangeas

I got the most beautiful hydrangea for a Mother’s Day gift and I’ve been itching to get it in the ground. I’m a little delayed because of the immense amount of veggies planted last week, and beyond ready to get this beauty in the ground.

If you follow my Pinterest page, I seem to find and save more hydrangea garden beds and borders than any other type. The bulk of the greenery and the huge blooms that come all over these plants make them one of my very favorites, and ones I oogle every. single. time.

Some serious yard goals!

All Americana. All beauty. All my garden dreams.

So this week, I’m off to plant some beautiful hydrangeas around my yard and supplying you with all the tips on how to keep these stunners blooming for years to come!

Planting Hydrangeas

  • If planting on the north side, plant in full sun. If planting on south side, plant partial shade to full sun.
  • Dig and turn the soil up to 6-12″ deeper than the size of the root ball of the plant
  • Add in organic matter to boost the nutrients needed to flourish
  • Loosen the root ball and place so the top of the ball is flush with the ground level
  • After planting, soak completely for a thorough watering – this allows the roots to take hold
  • Lightly cover with mulch and keep weeds away as much as possible so they aren’t competing for moisture
  • Keep soil moist 1″ below the surface which could mean watering deeply once weekly
  • After new growth appears, spread a slow-release fertilizer
  • Deadhead spent flowers to keep continuous growth from your plant

Changing Colors

Did you know you can change the color of pink and blue hydrangeas? You can actually fluctuate the color from year to year based on soil pH.
You can only change the color of pink and blue-flowering macrophylla hydrangeas. Blue needs an acid soil (low pH) and pink needs an alkaline soil (high pH). Soil acidifiers lower pH and lime raises pH. You can do this year to year, but do not do this partway through the growing season! Fun, huh?

Happy Hydrangeas and Enjoy your Week!

xx Rachel

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