This Year’s End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Jackson just closed out his year at preschool, so we said goodbye to two amazing teachers that really did change him so much these past month. He started the year so shy, afraid to speak up in class, and typically gravitating to solo playing. We came out of this year with a chatty Cathy that has a group of great best friends, and knows so much more than I could have ever imagined (reciting the Pledge of Allegience…really?! 😊)

So with the goodbyes to the teachers came a sweet thank you for all they did for my little one this year. I was a teacher for just shy of a decade and I know how hard they work…during the day and consumed with thoughts and planning all hours after. They don’t just take home their work. They are constantly thinking about the kids. Day and night worrying about them. It’s not a small job. It’s one that is all-consuming and tough, and all teachers deserve something special.

This year I got a creative idea from one of my girlfriend’s Instagram stories and had to go for it. Too cute and just the perfect send-off to get their summer started right!

On a quick trip to Target, I snagged three easy summertime necessities: beach towel, sunscreen, and a new Magnolia Journal because…Joanna. 🙂

Right now, Target is running a deal on this Ombre Beach Towel for just $7.50! After the sale, it’s just $10. For as soft and as adorable as it is, such a steal!

Sunscreen’s a tough one because everyone has their own opinions. When I saw it was an Allure Beauty award winner, I snagged this Bare Republic one for each of the teachers..and one for me. The smell is AMAZING! And such easy coverage with little weight. May just be my go-to this summer!

For a little added touch, I found this cute tag from the Etsy shop The Arty Apples. For just a little over $4, I nabbed an instant download, printed the tags on card stock at home and cut out to add on the bow. Perfect topper for this simple but precious gift!

Another year closed with this doll and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Now bring on summer and all that we have on our Summer Bucket List this year!!

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