What I’m Gardening This Week: Watering Schedule

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve been completely MIA and I’m well aware. BUT it’s all for a really good reason. I can’t wait to share something so special this week that I have happening in my life that has pulled me in every which direction but here. It’s all well worth it. I promise! 🙂

So is everyone else planning to build their arc soon? We’ve had beyond record rainfalls this year and some major flooding that has damaged so many towns and farmlands in Missouri and Kansas. It’s complete devastation in some areas of our state and my heart just breaks for those families affected.

Image result for missouri flooding 2019
A county directly north of ours, completely underwater.

With this historic rainfall, I’ve had very few times I’ve had to go out and water any of my vegetables this year. Typically, we are scorching hot and humid around these parts and I’ve taken my fair share of trips with the hose to all areas of our yard.

Image result for garden hose meme

But, listen. It’s Kansas City. This is a phase and it’s going to all go away soon. I’ll be on here telling you how hot and how dry it is in no time at all, everyone. I know that! And some of you are dealing with all that mess as we speak. So I’ve gotten myself organized and ready this year with a simple watering schedule that I’m going to post up in my garage, ready for me to reference on those scorching hot summer days around the corner.

Here’s a helpful chart for you to follow, with how much to water each week and a few beneficial tips to ensure your plants are thriving and surviving this year!

Print it off, tape it up and keep those sweet little herbs and veggies healthy this season!

How’s your garden coming along this year? Share your successes and stories with me. I’d love to hear how it’s going!

xx Rachel

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