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Fall Welcome Wreath

I know, I know. It’s not even Labor Day yet and I’m talking about a fall wreath, but this one is a perfect transitional piece to get some beautiful fall colors into your home without the bright reds and oranges just yet. These yellow pom pom bushes are subtle fall yellows with a touch of buffalo check. Put them together and you have a simple, beautiful DIY wreath to start your home off for fall.

A “quick stop” by Hobby Lobby and 45 minutes later of walking through the aisles looking at nursery decor, the cutest fall pieces, and even a few Christmas ornaments, I rolled out with these simple pieces: Embroidery hoop, 3 yellow pom pom flowers, spray paint, and Welcome sign.

Yellow Pom Poms – $9.99 but currently on sale for 40% off!
Welcome sign – currently marked down to $1.99!!

I picked this spray paint up and did just one quick coat on the Welcome sign to make it a warm bronze.

I ended up cutting my pom pom stems down to have them fit the hoop better without sticking out too far. When I was happy with the size, I used my hot glue gun to stick them to base of the hoop. I worked to stack them and assemble them and just glued them together. Don’t worry about the look of the base…it will all be covered with ribbon soon!

Buffalo Check Ribbon

Using the ribbon I snagged, I wrapped around the base of the stems to cover the glue and all the nastiness that I didn’t worry about while I was gluing. 🙂

After I wrapped the ribbon, I tied it and let the loose ends hang. I love using ribbon with wire edges to do a more flowed look that stays. Finally, I glued on the spray painted Welcome sign and DONE!

An hour of time and I have a piece hanging in my garage entryway that gives just the hint of fall that’s right around the corner. And this is one happy mama. 🙂

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