30 Day Cleaning Challenge

November is right around the corner, which means that the holidays are almost here, the New Year is right around the corner, and I’m going to have another baby in 7 weeks. Ohhh myyy. You’re panicking. I’m not panicking. 🙂

As I’m walking around my house, I see little spaces that need a little extra love before having loads of family and friends over to the house. Places that are missed in the daily or weekly cleans. Places that seem to accumulate dust and fingerprints that just get worse before spring cleaning rolls around.

So to continue my nesting quest and include you along for the ride, I’m beginning a 30 Day Cleaning Challenge during the month of November. My goal: One small project a day totaling no more than 60 minutes (most being only 30!). No major week-long haul to get everything done. Just one small space in the home each day that needs a little love before the holidays. By the end of the month, you’ll accomplish plenty, but the process to get there will be painless and so very worth it!

Come along with me! Print the calendar, attack the month of November, and roll into December feeling accomplished and ready for any and all visitors to pop in!

Not bad, right? We can do this! November, we’re coming for you!

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