Mya’s Birth Story

Miss Mya Girl is here. After 39 weeks of “I can’t believe I’m pregnant…”

to “I can’t believe I’m having a girl…”

to “Hurry up and get here already…”

Mya Marguerite is here and instantly has my heart.

And since I’m always up for a good labor and delivery story (or even the most plain jane ones), I thought I’d take today to share all about December 18th with you!

We decided to opt for induction basically from the very start of this pregnancy. Baby girl’s actual due date was December 25th and with two toddler boys at home, we decided maybe Christmas Day wasn’t the most ideal time to be delivering a baby. 🙂 Plus, does any kid really want to share their birthday with Christmas Day?!

The moment my doctor walked in on my first appointment, she says, “Well, well, well. Christmas Day, huh? Well nobody wants that!” Having two easy pregnancies and deliveries prior, we decided to put induction on the table and set it right at 39 weeks.

Leading up to my induction date, I was already dilated up to a 3 so I was able to just slide into the hospital the morning of the 18th instead of being checked in the night prior. Been there, done that with Colton and staying an EXTRA night in the hospital…on a labor and delivery bed…was not the most enjoyable experience! Already off to a good start. 🙂

Three days before I was set to go in, KC got slammed with a major snow storm. 7″ fell in one day and the roads were absolutely treacherous. So here I am. 3cm dilatated. Pregnancy anxiety at an all time high. With a snow storm. What if I go into labor and we can’t make it to the hospital? Where are the kids going to go? How are my in-laws going to make it down to get the kids? What if the power went out?

Luckily, we made it. We made it to December 18th and everyone was exactly where they needed to be. Boys were staying with Jerod’s parents. The dogs were happily boarded. The bags were packed and we were ready!

My labor and delivery nurse was hands-down one of the very best. She was calm, honest, and so knowledgeable. When we started to talk through my reaction to an epidural in previous deliveries, she knew exactly how to bump up my fluids to calm my reaction. When I started to feel the slightest pressure, she was already in the room checking me. She was always exactly one step ahead of everyone, including myself, and she was just what I needed. And just what I didn’t need, too.

I didn’t need someone to talk to me like this was my first time. I didn’t need someone to be super hands off because it was my third. I needed the perfect in between and Danielle was just that. It’s a game changer when you have someone like her!

I’m readdddyyy!

At 7:30, Pitocin was started and I was quickly dilating further. Right after, my doctor came in and broke my water. By 9:30, my contractions were getting increasingly more painful and coming every 2 minutes. I never know exactly how bad is “too bad” so I tried to stick it out for as long as possible, but those contractions were taking my breath away each time.

Fine. Give me the drugs. 🙂 Epidural was given around 9:45 and we were set to deliver in no time!

Until Mya wasn’t a fan of the position I was in…or any position they would toss me around to. After a constant battle of flipping me from side to side, up and down, laying on my back and sitting straight up. It was time to slow Pitocin and give her a little break to settle. She was angry at every contraction and giving large drops in her heart rate after each contraction finished. If we would have continued with the Pitocin at that time, they were afraid she would only get more aggravated.

Mya needed her own time to make her appearance and just wasn’t there just yet.

But one hour later, she was. 🙂 Mya had calmed down and at 12:06 the nurse slowly put Pitocin back on at a 2. By 12:36, I was at a 7 and the delivery tables were being quickly setup around me. By 1:00, I was begging for the doctor to get there because my little girl was ready!

There were a lot of patients on the floor that day and apparently there was one other mom that was following along with me with her own delivery. The nurses were flooding in and out of our rooms, and my doctor was trying to get to the right room at the right time.

Needless to say, I won. 🙂 My doctor came in around 1:10pm and was walking me through how and when to push. When my first contraction came, I gave one big push. My doctor asked a delivery nurse to get there to help guide the baby but before she could walk over, Miss Mya was here. One contraction and one push and my baby girl was here. My beautiful, brown haired, 7 lb., 20″ love bug was here.

The emotions were high that afternoon. This was my last pregnancy. My last time I would be able to feel the little kicks and hear a heartbeat growing inside of me. This would be the last time I would get to experience labor, to wait 10 months to grow something beautiful inside you and then finally meet them. I was highly emotional holding her for the first time. She was here and there was no doubt, I loved her so fully.

So, so tired. 🙂

And dad may have shed a few tears, too. 🙂

Mya was thriving after her delivery. Nursing almost immediately. Passing her tests and her vitals with leaps and bounds. I was feeling healthy and strong, not even opting for any pain medication for recovery. With all that combined with the terribleness of the hospital beds, I requested a 24 hour discharge. I was ready to be home and snuggle together in our home. By 5:00pm the following day (28 hours after delivering), we were home and beginning our new normal.

And that’s a normal that I’m very much loving.

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