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I haven’t done a Friday Favorites or a What I Love post in a long time, but during a late night feeding last night, I realized I made some purchases lately that I truly find myself not being able to live without. Like so much so that I may be a lifetime user of some of these buys. So I’m spending today sharing five of my favorite things in my house right now . Maybe it’s just what you were looking for, too!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer

Since having a new baby, my dark circles seem to be just a little darker and my hormonal breakouts seem to be popping up to my total and absolute frustration. My skin just isn’t looking near as bright and youthful as it once did. But just again today, I had the pastor at my son’s preschool tell me that I look “refreshed” at dropoff today. Wait, what? Really? Refreshed is one descriptive word that I would NOT call myself, but I’ll take that any day of the week. 😏

Truly, I’m going to chalk it up to this new purchase. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer. I’m all in on this one!

It’s a drugstore concealer for just $7.99 with medium to almost full coverage. Truly what I love the most is the applicator on this concealer. You can dab it on instead of pulling it across your skin like most other applicator wands. I felt like my previous favorite, Tarte Shape Tape, had great coverage but was so thick. I was wasting so much of the product by smearing it across my skin instead of being able to actually dab it like this one allows.

Also with the great applicator and coverage, the formula includes goji berry and Haloxyl, an effective blood circulation booster, that serves to make a more refreshed under eye!

I’ll take my preschool’s pastor’s word for it. This combination WORKS!

14 Piece Makeup Brushes

I’ll stay on the makeup train for now and share with you this 14 piece makeup brush set that I asked for at Christmas for just $9.99. Yes, 14 pieces for under $10. And purchase soon and Amazon has an extra 10% off coupon to click on, as well! Don’t want to take my word for how great these are? How about the almost 7,000 Amazon 5-Star reviews!

I’ve used Bare Minerals brushes for quite some time now and the brushes were constantly shedding, especially after washing them. I washed these brushes before their first use and I still to this day don’t have any shedding whatsoever.

Although the handles don’t feel as sturdy as the higher end brushes, the brush head itself it extremely soft and well-made. I can handle a so-so brush handle for the quality where it actually counts!

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

All three of my sweet babies have sensitive skin in their own ways. Jacks and Colt both deal with different variations of eczema while Mya suffers from very dry newborn skin right now.

Jackson gets red, rough patches on his arms and sometimes his face…just like what he was dealing with on our Christmas cards this year.

And Mya’s poor little dry patches on her hands in the picture below.

My pediatrician had me trying all different sorts of lotions and body washes to help with the boys but nothing has cleared it like the Tubby Todd products. NOTHING!

The reviews on this Tubby Todd All Over Ointment were so wonderful that I looked past their higher than drugstore prices to just give them a shot. The bumps have drastically diminished after just 2 weeks of use, the redness is long gone, and Mya’s skin doesn’t have a dry spot on it. No exaggeration. It’s worked almost instantly! It’s been beneficial for soft and sensitive newborn skin all the way to my four year old.

And new this week at Tubby Todd: Diaper cream! It has 14% zinc oxide like the best diaper cream products out there, but also includes a slew of natural ingredients that make it moisturizing and healthy for the most sensitives, while also being extremely effective. I’ve ordered it and I’m excited to share my thoughts soon!

Be a Nice Human Sweatshirt

Alright, I’m not one for selfies. I’m not good at them. I feel like I get very uncomfortable and start making faces I’ve never made before. And what do you do with your hands? But I’m going to give you a crummy selfie just to show off this sweatshirt that I recently purchased from Betty Rukus.

Be a Nice Human sweatshirt

Adorable camo sweatshirt. Check. Has the perfect not too bulky, not too tight fit. Check. Amazing message. Check. One of my very favorite cozy pieces!

Take a look over her website at BettyRukus.com and look at the great messages and comfy pieces she sells. This I am His tee is definitely a future purchase for me!

Storm Candle

I’m not one to buy many candles any longer. The slew of chemicals is just hard to look past. But like almost everyone else in the world, I’m a sucker for Anthropologie’s Volcano Candle. It makes me feel like I’m at a resort somewhere MUCH nicer than KC every time I light one of those candles. Citrus and tropical flowers make the most beautiful combination and it fills the house with a subtle, beautiful scent.

But it costs $32 for one of them. And candles burn out. FAST.

At a trip to TJ Maxx recently, I stumbled across this 26 oz. Storm Candle by Scentsational and it’s an EXACT dupe of the Volcano candle! Plus it’s natural coconut and beeswax. Double plus…it’s 7 oz. larger and only $12.99!

And it’s a beautiful glass jar that looks great with your decor.

The scent fills your whole home and it’s lasted me hours of burn time. For $13, this is a steal! No more Anthro candles for this girl!

Happy Friday and I hope you get to spend your weekend with some of your favorite things! See you back here on Monday!

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