Mya’s 2 Month Update

Today’s all about Little Mama and the unbelievable fact that she’s already two months old. Nope. Don’t believe it. Not possible. Fake news. 🙂

But here I sit, her sleeping soundly in the monitor, thinking about all that she’s able to do already and just how much she’s changed.


So I’m going to start with the same explanation that I did on her one month update…

If you’re reading this and wanting advice on how to get your little one to sleep like Mya…hear me out. I swaddle her, I use a sound machine, and I nurse her to sleep. All mixed reviews with people, but that’s what works for us right now. But more than that, it’s HER. Jacks was a good sleeper. Colt was not. Jacks was sleeping through the night by 2 months. Colton finally slept through the night at 20 months. True story. It’s not me. It’s THEM.

When Mya was 7 weeks old, she slept a 9 hour stretch for the first time. Amazing! At 8 weeks old, she had not only slept an 11 hour stretch of time, she had done it several nights in a row! Most nights, she asleep from 7:30/8:00 until 6:30/7:00.

My little homegirl loves her sleep and I’m 🙂 I know there will be days that she is going to have a rough go, and she’ll be up multiple times a night, but I won’t mind. This is my last baby. The last time to have a little one need you, and only you, in the middle of the night. Only I can give her that comfort. That’s something I never take lightly. I love the cuddles, I love the calm, and I know how much I’m going to miss when she’s no longer needing me to make it through.


My little chunky monk is gaining weight really well, and I do think that helps with the long sleeps at night. Mya girl just clocked in at 11 lbs 5 oz today at her pediatrician appointment, so she’s hitting right around the 50th percentile. HOWEVER, her height puts her in the 14th. 🙂

Born at exactly 7 pounds and weighing 9 lbs 6 oz at her one month appointment, she’s had a steady weight gain…and it’s all in her sweet little arms and chunky thigh rolls. ❤

I nurse her during the day every 3 hours, and then tend to cluster feed towards bedtime. After her last nap, I give her one bottle of formula (I do not do well with pumping nor do I really have the time to do it!) and then nurse her not long after, before she goes to bed for the night.


Baby girl loves her routines. She gets it from her mama! 🙂 I realize that with a two month old, routines aren’t really supposed to be a thing yet. And I’ve taken to that philosophy this go-around. I follow her cues and I just roll with the day, but every day it ends up being so much of the same for her.

7:00 – Wake for the Day, Nurse, Awake Time

8:30 – 1st Nap

10:00 – Nurse, Awake Time

11:30 – 2nd Nap

1:00 – Nurse, Awake Time

2:00 – 3rd Nap

4:00 – Nurse, Awake Time

5:30 – Last Nap wrapped in a Boba wrap while I cook dinner

6:30 – Feed 2-3oz. of formula, Short Awake Time, Bath

7:30 – Nurse to Sleep for the Night

Facts About Mya

She falls asleep almost instantly in a car seat and can rock some of her best naps running errands with me. 🙂

She started smiling around 7 weeks and her favorite things to smile at are our faces. Melts my heart every single time I go to get her out of bed and she flashes that big gummy smile of hers when she sees my face. And the way her eyes light up when she recognizes you? I want to remember that forever!

When she’s on her play mat, her very favorite toy is this giraffe that Colton go her for Christmas…until one of her brothers comes within four feet. Then she will wiggle and squirm and move around until she can get a better view of what they are doing. It’s the cutest thing to watch her crank her head as far as it will go to keep an eye line right on her big brothers. Her obsession with them is so real and I’m loving her adoration for them (and the boy’s adoration for her!) that is developing.

Mya’s locked right on Colton as I was trying to take her pictures. 🙂

Mya still is the easiest baby of the three. I don’t know if it is more of her go-with-the-flow personality, the fact that she just HAS to be easy-going because she has two older brothers, or if it’s that I’ve taken the stress off having a newborn.

I’ve let myself realize it’s going to be just fine if she naps in her car seat because she fell asleep in the car for the billionth time. I stopped waking her up at night because I want to make sure she’s getting enough food and gaining the perfect amount of weight. I’ve stopped writing down every feeding, every diaper change. I’ve stopped worrying about her hitting every milestone every single week, because she will…and if she doesn’t, then we get help. I’ve allowed myself the grace of being a mom to three kids 4 years old and under. It’s tough. It’s exhausting. But it’s one of the most beautiful lives I could imagine for myself. 💖

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