Mya’s 4 Month Update

Four months. Unbelievable! I just purchased a new high chair last night, we’re moving towards starting solid foods in the coming weeks (wait…what?!), and baby girl is rolling, talking, laughing and getting stronger by the day.

We have Mya girl’s 4 month doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I’m itching to get that weight check done because my little chunk is gaining that weight! Her legs are in that delicious stage where even her rolls have rolls, and socks don’t fall off her feet because their digging into her chubby ankles (I won’t call them cankles, baby girl. I’ve got you. 😊).

Mya’s still living her very best quarantined life over here. I put her in her car seat and we loaded up to take a drive recently (literally just to take a drive) and she looked at me like, “Wait…what is this?!” Truly doesn’t even know what a car seat even is anymore.

And she learned how to suck her thumb this past week, so real big things happening in Mya’s life. 🙂 When Jackson was born, he didn’t take to a pacifier at all. I gave it about a week of effort and then decided we were better off just not even having it. No waking in the middle of the night to find his pacifier and no horrible experiences weaning him off it in the coming years. When Colt was born, I never even tried to give it to him. I just knew how to function without, so I didn’t even try. Same goes for Mya. When she was born, I never even gave it as an option. We were just fine self-soothing in other ways and never needed the pacifier.

Now, Mya found that thumb and it’s actually put her back to sleep two different nap times now. She started waking up, found that thumb, and away she went. A few minutes later, she was out all over again.

Yes, I know the ortho bills are going to be outrageous, but all three of my kids are bound to have some jenky teeth based on Jerod and I soooo…soothe away little mama!


When I wrote Mya’s 3 month update, I explained that her sleep was getting a little worse. She went from sleeping a solid 7pm-7am to waking up at 4:30 or 5:00 and needing to eat. Then her naps started to suffer a little bit.

Now at her 4 month mark, we are right back to being completely and totally rock star sleeping! And the consistency is what is remarkable for little miss, too. She wakes every single morning now at 6:45. It’s like the sun starts to peek over the horizon and she’s ready for the day. Good morning, world! I realized over the last few weeks that she would eat and then only stay awake for about 30 minutes longer before she was rubbing her little eyes. I gave it a whirl one day and when she woke up at 6:45, I fed her and then put her back down in her crib. Abracadabra! She was right back to sleep and REALLY woke up to start the day at 9:00. This helped with her naps getting pushed back a little later in the day and her moving from 4 naps to 3.

All that happy sleep news could look very different over the next month. That 4-month sleep regression is a very real thing and could sneak up on me at any second. 😒

So at this point, Mya’s schedule looks a little like this:


6:45 – Wake-Up, Nurse, Back to Bed

9:00 – Wake-Up for the Day, Nurse, Awake Time

11:00 – Nurse to Sleep, Nap

12:30 – Wake, Nurse, Awake Time

2:30 – Nurse to Sleep, Nap

4:00/4:30 – Wake, Nurse or Bottle of Formula, Awake Time

6:00 – Bath, Bedtime Routine, Nurse to Sleep

**If she takes a shorter nap, she’ll take one last nap around 5:00 in my Boba Wrap with me.


I’m still nursing Mya every 3-3.5 hours, trying to slip in a bottle at her next to last feeding of the day. Up until a week ago, she was completely against having any formula whatsoever. Even started becoming anti-bottle, regardless of what was inside. So every morning, after her first feeding, I’d hide away and pump, trying to get a supply built up to work on her disdain for bottles. Boo. I hate it. I hate everything that has to do with that pump. But there I am every morning, trying all I can to get little mama to take a bottle. Four months old and I’ve maybe not done 10 feedings…tops. Not ideal. I love you, Mya Girl. I love our bond and our time together, but man would I love a night away after we are out of quarantine. Even an overnight away? Okay…talking crazy, but just imagine, right? 🙂

All About Mya

The second she spots you when you walk into her room, the biggest smile spreads across her face. Every. Single. Time.

She smiles big with her mouth and her two dimples, but she smiles the brightest through her eyes. They light up brighter than anyone I’ve ever seen before.

Her favorite toys are her big brothers. She could watch them all day long.

She’s found. her. voice. Whoa mama! 🙂

Mya’s realized that she doesn’t have to do tummy time anymore. As soon as you roll her to her stomach, she instantly throws her head to the side, rolls back to her back, and bails out of that nonsense. 😏

She’s happiest sitting in your arms.

Mya’s still our calmest baby, but again, I could chalk part of that up to her personality and the other half to being a calmer parent. I roll with her schedule better and I don’t obsess over every nearing milestones or change. My goal is for her to be a happy and healthy baby. That’s it. She’s my last baby and I just want her to be a baby for as long as I can. No rushing you through and looking ahead to what’s to come. No “When she sits up…” or “When she starts talking…” You’re my 4-month old now and I want to cherish each and every day with you. Time is a thief, Mya Girl, and I want to do all I can to live in the now before it slips through my fingers.

To my beautiful, strong baby girl…I love you to the moon and back. 💛


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