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Summer Vacation, Here We Come!

Would it be the understatement of the year that this was the most unusual start to summer vacation I could ever imagine? Sometimes I say that we’re trapped in a Will Smith movie and this isn’t actually real life. No zombie apocalypse, but this nonsense is something for the movies. Schools cancelled? No one going to work beyond their kitchen tables? We can’t hug our friends and families? Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Jackson should have had his last day of preschool yesterday, so whether it feels like it or not, we’re officially in summer vacation and ready to celebrate byyyy…staying home. 🙂

But regardless of the fact that he finished his last quarter being home schooled by me, we’re going to celebrate today. Today’s all about how much this four year old has grown, matured, and finished another year of preschool. 🤍

Because Jackson has a September birthday, he had to be in the 3-year old class, even though he turned 4 just weeks into the school year. Being one of the oldest has never been a bad thing, right? He’s had more confidence, he’s willing to try more, and he’s grasping the preschool concepts much faster than he would have if he was a full year younger.

Jackson is a child that loves to learn more. He’s interested in the world around him and wants to know what something is, why something happens, and how it works…all the time. He’s learned the power of questions and isn’t afraid to use it. 🙂

That love of learning has him mastering the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and writing his name, but also has him beginning to understand the concept of time and reading a clock, can name every train car in existence, and knows the type of food and habitats of most backyard animals (to my total disgust 😳).

This year brought a lot of learning, but boy oh boy, did he grow up this year! He’s starting to move away from being a babe to being a BIG KID! I’m shocked to see not only how much taller he got and how he thinned out, but also at how MATURE he’s gotten this year.

First Day of School Letter DIY found here!

Boom! A big kid. ❤

We have just one more year at preschool where Jackson enters the Pre-K class, then we’re off to KINDERGARTEN!

I am so incredibly proud of who Jackson is becoming, his love of learning and his love of his friends and family, and his absolute heart of gold. You make me proud every single day, bug!

We love you, Jackson Cruz! xo

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