Favorite Outdoor Toys Summer 2020

Pools are closed. No splash pads. No big group playdates. This summer will be one for the ages, and according to my Target summer section shelves, we are all on the lookout for some great summer toys to keep our little ones entertained and having fun all season long.

So I took inventory of our very favorite outdoor toys. The ones that the boys are constantly gravitating to the second we go outside. And I added in some dream items that I WISH the boys would want (giant unicorn sprinkler…yes, please!).

We’ve made it through months of home schooling our kids. We’ve been stuck in our houses cooking three meals a day for 5,341 days straight. We’ve cleaned, recleaned, organized, cleaned again, and disenfected our homes every day for way too long. Let’s give ourselves some grace and load up on some of the tried and true, all-season long fun for our kids and for ourselves.

It may look different, but let’s still make this summer one for the ages!

Bunch O Balloons // I buy these almost every single time I do a Target run. 100 water balloons filled up and tied off in seconds. No more sliding it over the faucet, filling it up to the perfect size to just pop it on ourselves as we’re trying to tie them off. I will no longer put myself through the misery of personally filling water balloons. Long are the days of standing at a hose for hours. These are life-changing!

Little Gardener Tool Set // I’m a huge gardener and I want to instill that in my kids, as well. There’s something so very therapeutic about digging in the dirt and then feeling the satisfaction when your hard work comes to fruition when it’s time to harvest. I want my kids out there doing something that takes time and care. These tools are sturdy and get great reviews. No cheap plastic ones. These are solid and last through all the gardening and worm hunts you can handle.

Ride-On Sand Digger // We got this toy as a birthday gift last summer and it’s still one of the first things they run to in our sandbox. Colt was able to reach and maneuver the controls perfectly at 2.5 years old. Heavy but not too difficult for even your little ones!

Radio Flyer Light-Up Scooter // This is one of my dream summer items that we don’t own, but can you just imagine having those late summer nights when it’s just getting dark, lightning bugs flying around, fire pit rolling, American flag flying, and your little one lighting up the driveway with this scooter? Normal Rockwell painting. Awesome reviews on this scooter!

Metal Wheelbarrow // If your little ones are anything like mine, when you’re working in the yard, they want to be right beside you doing the same exact thing.

Spinning Sprinkler // One of my girlfriend’s has this for her little ones and they LOVE it! And their dog loves it even more. 🙂 The giggles from seeing it spin and wiggle all around is just the cutest. Just an FYI, this has great reviews , but some said it’s a little tricky getting the water pressure just right to have it work well.

Giant Outdoor Jenga Game // I actually had a co-worker make this game for me as an engagement gift years and years ago (was it really 9 years already?!), and it stands as a huge hit for kids and adults alike. It’s one of those easy yard games that really has no risk of breaking. The game starts at 2.5′ tall, which makes it easy for even your littlest ones to play, too!

HUGE Unicorn Sprinkler // Summer bucket list is basically this toy. Horn to toe, this stands at 108″ x 80.” Reviews say it inflates easily (score!), sprays upwards of 7 to 8 feet, and has the durability to stay inflated and keep it’s shape multiple hot summer days! Mya, I need you to grow up so I have a unicorn fan in my house and this can be a permanent fixture in my backyard. 🙂

Kids Archery Set // Another Amazon product with great reviews about how durable and easy to use it is. The arrows (comes with 3) are topped with a suction cup so super safe for indoor or outdoor use. I love how you can even order 8 extra arrows (maybe we can save ourselves a few arguments over who gets to hold the arrows) at just $10 more.

3-Pack Squirt Gun Set // The Easter Bunny brought these water guns to the boys this year and they have held up so well, even after almost daily use. The boys can fill them up on their own and the pump action is easy for Colton (2) to use. No trigger on these so even the littlest hands can maneuver. Bonus: This used to be a listing for a 2-pack and now they offer THREE!

Plasma Car // Okay, if you know my kids or live in my neighborhood, you know that my boys are OBSESSED with their plasma cars. We ride these to the park down the street all the time, and on the rainiest days, even bring them inside (we got soft wheel replacements to protect our hardwoods). These cars hold up to over 200 pounds, so you better believe these are fun for kids and adults alike. 🙂

Tree Swing // My brother and sister-in-law bought Jackson a tree swing similar to this one (ours is currently sold out online) and it has been a dream for my boys. It’s a spot of relaxation, imagination, and fun. They have brought all their stuffed animals out and have played airplane, they lay there and giggle for ages together, and they use it as their ultimate “base” in almost every backyard game. It holds so much weight (I know…I’ve gotten on it with them before 😊) and is so durable. This particular one has 5-stars on Amazon and the reviews are glowing!

Happy Unofficial Start to Summer, everyone!! It’s going to be different, but it’s going to be a good one this year!

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