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Exterior Remodel Design Board

It’s happening! The painters are being called and the quotes are being sorted through. We are FINALLY getting our exterior of our home painted and the fixtures updated!!

Although I’ve loved the peach house with the red door (this is oozing with sarcasm…), I’m so ready to get our sweet fixer upper cleaned up, freshened up, and beautied up. Is that a word? It is now, because that’s just what I’m planning to do. 🙂

So here’s where we are now…

Our home was built in 1985. It’s gone through a few other owners, but the sellers of this home did try to make some improvements to this space. One of which was to replace the siding and windows. Score for us! But the colors chosen haven’t weathered well. The beige has dulled and aged. The peach siding is in great shape, but that color. 😳 Don’t get me wrong. It could look better on another house, and maybe it looked good when it was originally painted, but it does not look great now.

Once Jerod and I decided to pull the trigger on getting it painted, I started creating quite the list of favorite pictures on my Pinterest board: Outdoor Remodel. I was certain I wanted a medium grey house, navy shutters, wood accents. But once I really looked at everything I was Pinning, it was all white. It was a slew of white homes with beautiful landscape, wood accents, and beautiful lighting.

I had to take a step back and look at what I clicked on continuously and go with my gut…we’re doing a white house!

Need a little convincing? Check out the pictures that inspired me…

Source: Kristy Wicks

So here’s my house in white… 🙂 So many similarities to my home, but this one inspired me to possibly change up the front porch a little. I love the added detail of this archway and the ability to have a hanging light. Not in the cards now, but maybe when we fix our front porch stoop, sidewalk, and driveway.

Source: Realtor.com

Want to know how fast I Googled ,”How much do dormers cost to put in?” Seconds after seeing this photo. 🙂

Source: HGTV

This home is a very different style from my classic Colonial; however, this image has all the things I’m envisioning for my exterior home remodel. It has the white siding, black shutters, brick stoop, and wood accents to warm it all up and tie it all together. We aren’t diving into our stoop and sidewalk yet, but will certainly be tackled in the next 2 years.

So with all those beautiful homes, I went to work to create a design board of my ideas for colors and fixtures. Something for me to see how things work well together, and a way to show my “struggling visualizer” of a husband just what I’m imagining.

Exterior Remodel Design Board

For the immediate, we are going to have the painters paint our current front door black. When we do the brickwork on the front porch, then we’ll get the wood front door. And I’ll certainly go into detail on the location of each of the fixtures, paint colors we love, and which lights are going where on future posts. But for now, are you seeing my vision coming together? Slowly seeing the peach recede away and some major Father of the Bride-classic-Colonial more in your mind?

I can, and I love it oh so much! 🤍

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