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Future Front Porch Design Dreams

Yesterday, I shared with you how our Exterior Home Remodel was coming along with our big paint reveal and shared all the before and after photos. What a huge difference it’s made!

Now don’t worry…I’m not moving too quickly on to the next step. I’m going to stay right here and enjoy the work that we’ve done so far. Love on this house just the way it is for a little while longer. Listen to Colt call it our “beautiful home” a few more times.

But I did want to share what our dreams are for the future front porch. Something we would like to do soon, but just didn’t want to bite the bullet just yet. We love reveling in all that we’ve done, and then looking at what our next steps will be.

So here’s where our front porch stands right now…

A relatively small cement stoop, two white pillars, and a small portico roof over it all.

Now imagine with me…

I want to cover this cement stoop with herringbone brick like With Love, Mercedes did to her front porch.

What she used was Old Mill Brick Company’s brickwebb. What a wonderful idea! It’s a 2′ x 1′ sheet of brick already laid out in the herringbone pattern, secured on a webbing to easily lay on the front porch before applying mortar. Plus, it’s thin brick so you can easily cut the edges of your space to fit properly without large machinery that we just don’t own.

With our front stoop, we would be able to lay this over the top of our current cement stoop using an adhesion.

Look at our picture again…

Our front porch step is already higher than what is to code because our sidewalk needs to be mud jacked. It’s sunk over time, creating that crack at the base of our step and a slope to our front sidewalk pad. When we lay the brickwebb over the existing structure, it’s going to be even higher, so we are going to use the available space in this large pad in the front to add an additional brick step in a herringbone pattern before landing on our sidewalk.

That might mean a railing is going in, depending on the size of the step. That…I don’t know just yet.

And to change the simple triangular shape of our front porch roof, I love the look of Riverview Redo’s front porch shape.

A hanging front porch light? YES, PLEASE!

Adding more character and charm to the shape of the structure AND adding more impactful posts? OKAY!

Lining the inside of the portico with a wood ceiling like NH Design Collaboration? Count. Me. In.

This project will be on hold for a little while to allow us to plan out our front porch design, our sidewalk and driveway plan (because that alllll needs to be redone) and to be sure we’re fully ready to move forward. So for now, I’ll keep adding more ideas to my Pinterest page and dreaming big dreams for our sweet Fixer Upper. Follow along with me!



    • growingupkemper

      Isn’t it beautiful? That front porch is just what we’re working towards right now, but we haven’t done it yet. More of just our dream design right now. I’ve always heard that Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, HC-144 is the perfect “haint” blue for a front porch, though!

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