Mya’s 8 Month Update

Baby girl, you’re growing! It was a full month of you hitting major milestones and now look at you…you’re turning into your own, Mya Girl!

Here’s what she’s been up to this last month…


I talked about in Mya’s 7 month update about how she went straight from no food to a quick pit stop at pureed foods and then barreled right through to solids. Mya is a huge fan of food and when she’s ready to eat…she’ll let you know. Her favorites are any type of fruit or vegetable in bite-size pieces, carbs, eggs, more carbs, beans, and of course, carbs. 🙂 So far the only thing that has been tried and truly disliked was fresh mozzarella cheese, which I’m equating to a possible texture issue with it.

Through all the trials and tribulations with Mya’s bottles, we’ve finally gotten a schedule nailed down where she’s actually drinking a sizeable amount of formula in her bottles. I still nurse Mya morning and night, but she will then take 2 bottles: one mid-morning and one after her second nap. She drinks down about 5-6 ounces each bottle, so *sighs* we finally have her bottles figured out.

Well…until next month when I come back and say she’s refusing them again. 😉


She’s really nailed down a schedule this last month and is super consistent with her sleep times. Makes it pretty wonderful with the boys starting up school in just a few short weeks to be able to predict more of how the day will go.


7:00 – Wake for the Day, Nurse, Play, Breakfast with the Family

9:00 – 1st Nap

10:30 – Bottle, Play, Lunch

1:00 – 2nd Nap

3:30 – Bottle, Play, Dinner with Family

6:30 – Bath, Bedtime Routine, Nurse, Bed for the Night

All About Mya

  • We haven’t had any further updates as far as her hips and her eyes are concerned. Her upcoming eye appointment is next week and her hips will be the first week of September. If you’re new, check out Mya’s 7 Month Update to understand just what I’m talking about. I’ll be sure to post everything as we navigate our way through patching, potential diagnosis, tossed with a sprinkling of possible hip dysplasia. 🙂
  • She is doing an amazing job with her patches! I will put her patch on and besides that initial dislike of me holding her head down to get it on just right (😯), she doesn’t mind wearing them at all. The doctor had told us to patch for about an hour a day. We hit upwards of 2+ hours and baby girl won’t bat an eye. Thank you, Mya!
  • Mya’s laugh is ridiculously contagious.
  • She’s become equally as noisy as her two big brothers. Lord, help me.
  • Mya’s fully sitting up on her own now. She’s been doing it for a month or two, but I have that bit more confidence that she’s not going to topple over when I turn my head (*as I prop more and more pillows behind her*)
  • Just this week, she pulled her knees up under herself and had just the tiniest interest in crawling. No official movement yet, but the position is there!
  • We are all about saying our “d” “t” “g” and “s” around here. Still waiting on that “mama”…anytime now little lady….
  • Mya’s still a toothless little babe.
  • Hands-down her very favorite toys are her cruisers and jumpers. Baby girl loves to MOVE!
  • Every single night, Mya falls asleep in my arms, and there is no amount of parenting books that will ever make me feel like this is the wrong thing to do. Those moments make every hard day, every scream for lunch, every stress over development, doctor’s appointments, and growth charts a nothing. I’ll take her snuggles for as long as they last, because I can tell you from experience, they end. If you want to rock your baby to sleep, do it. If you want to nurse them to sleep, do it. They’re only little for so long and it gets stripped from you faster than you’re ever prepared for.

We’ve slowly started to get Mya back into the world again. Seeing her experience the world is one of the most magical parts of life. I see wonder in your beautiful eyes, Mya, and I am so thankful that God blessed me with you. Happy 8 months, love bug!

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