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Jackson Cruz is FIVE!

My oldest is five today! FIVE! Five years with his contagious laugh, his irresistible dimples, his wonder, and his heart. Five years loving a boy more than I ever thought I could love another. Five wonderful years with Jackson Cruz. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

He’s my train-obsessed, Paw Patrol loving, soccer stud who loves everything Kansas City Royals and Chiefs, could spend all day playing outside if given the choice, and is his very happiest playing with friends.

When asked who is best friend is, Jacks tells me it’s his brother, Colton. *Cue heart exploding.*

But will never turn down a Mya snuggle.

When we are outside, he can find beauty in all that’s around him. He’ll spot the reddest leaf, the prettiest flower, save a worm that is on the sidewalk, and even try to move snails to be with their “families.”

Once, he was so excited to show me a snail he had found on the driveway. As I was walking over, little brother started to ride his bike and accidentally crushed the snail, right there in front of us. Jacks burst into tears because he wanted so badly to “save” it and move it back with the other snails. Buddy, if you can feel that kind of love for a slimy snail, you are some kind of wonderful. 🙂

His heart is made of solid gold, and he feels empathy unlike most adults I know. You treat someone bad, he’ll feel it in his bones. He sees someone being yelled at, Jackson is a face full of concern. He wants everyone to be happy, to be laughing, and to be doing the right thing. Seeing others not feeling that way, and he’ll feel their hurt right along with them.

Jackson has a laugh that comes from deep within and he loves to make you laugh right along with him. He’s happiest when the world is smiling, too. 🤍

Favorite joke of the moment: What does a cloud wear under his shorts? THUNDERPANTS! Spend a day with him and that will sure to be shared!

Jackson is in his last year of preschool this year and will start kindergarten at our local Catholic school next fall. He’s playing in a soccer league with a group of 4 and 5 year old boys from his class, and he really is loving every minute of it. Practice once a week and then games on the weekends. He loves the equal parts of the competition and being with his best friends. And then during the week, we have swim lessons. He’s active and he loves it. A busy schedule is this kid’s jam!

I’m so proud of who Jackson is becoming. He loves hard, he laughs hard, and he plays hard. He makes friends wherever he goes, he includes everyone, and he feels the very best when people are making good choices. He’s my oldest, my perfectionist, and one of my best friends.

Play hard today, my five year old, and show the world your smile and your heart.

Happy Birthday, Jackson Cruz!


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