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September 2020 Book Review

It’s Book Review Day!

I was finishing writing out my thoughts on my last book this month and I had to chuckle. Every month, regardless of how long or short my books are, I read three books. The month that I read The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, coming in just under 600 pages, I still read three. This month, none of my books topped 450 pages. Guess how many I read?

Wait for it…

Three. 🙂


My first read was Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open. I want to start with the fact that I’m a tennis watcher, not a tennis fan. I love to have it on, but really couldn’t explain the rules or even really the scoring. I was a little young still to be a big Agassi fan as he did his biggest run when I was still in elementary school. BUT I knew he was always known as the rebel, the one that was always trying to be different, and was a huge pop icon during his time. It all intrigued me to hear his side of the story. To know a little bit more about the game, his talent, and truly, a bit of juiciness with his love life (looking at you Brooke Shields).

Even if you aren’t a tennis fan, it’s a good read. He’s an amazing story teller, witty and truthful through the whole book. I never felt like he was trying to make himself seem a certain way or put up a defense. He told you how it was and I felt like I was right there with him, laughing, and wincing, and cheering him on. If he couldn’t cut it in the tennis courts, he could have been an author. So talented!

If you’re a tennis fan, this is a must read! But even if you’re not, I’d recommend this one to you. It was fascinating reading about his relationships with his coaches, his wives, and some of his biggest enemies on the court (Pete Sampras!). This book made me an Agassi fan for life.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Whoa! This book could possibly be one of my favorite books of 2020! I absolutely adored Lori Gottlieb’s memoir about her life and work as a therapist. She does an incredible job of flipping between patients she’s seen and their stories (alcoholism, death of a child, loneliness, dying of cancer) with her personal experience seeing a therapist of her own as she’s dealing with a monumental shift in her own life. It’s a book about real people digging deep to find out what’s really going on, as well as Lori pushing the junk away to see how even she is stalled in her personal growth.

Although she’s telling stories and sharing details that so perfectly flow together, I found myself stopping and sitting back to think about things she says. She talks so many times about different ways that we seem to be standing in our own way of our lives. It’s thought-provoking. It’s funny. It’s sad. It’s deep. But all the while, Lori is such a fabulous writer, I felt like I was sitting right beside her in a conversation, not just reading words on a page.

I left this book with an enlightened spirit, with advice as if I talked to a dear friend, and stories that will stick with me for a very long time. I absolutely adored this book, I adored Lori Gottlieb, and I truly felt like I wanted to reach out to her to just see if she wants to be friends. 🙂

The Simple Wild

I’ve heard from a lot of people recently about this series (I read the first of the three-book series), and now I totally see why! This book is about a 20-something influencer who heads to a small town in Alaska to reconnect with her dad after many years. The setting, the characters (even the small, minute characters!), and all of the cozy homes they talk about made me fall in love with this story and especially this part of the country.

If you’re a fan of romantic comedies and chick-lit, this one is right up your alley! It’s got family drama, a journey of self-discovery and romance all rolled into one novel. It’s charming, it’s cozy, and it just leaves you with happy fall feelings. It’s an easy read and a cute story if you’re needing something a little simpler this month! I’m already looking forward to picking up the next book in this series.

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m already looking forward to what three books I’m off to read this month! 😉

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