Fall Family Picture Outfits

It’s that magically stressful time of the year for a lot of us…fall family pictures. We love the result, right? But the prepwork is just that…

We had our family photo session on Friday*takes a gulp of wine* and I thought it would be fun to share just what we were wearing to give you an idea of a great fall color scheme, as well as some outfit choices that might work for your family, too. Just click on the photo slideshow below the collage for all the available links.

And while I was at it, I had a little fun and made two more color schemes that I just love seeing in those beautiful fall photos.

I hope this can be a little help for you as you prepare for your sessions because let’s be real, anything we can do to make the session a little more manageable, the better!

We had a gorgeous day for our pictures: sunny, 70s, and the most gorgeous sunset. The kids did better than they’ve ever done, but it was still a day that I ended up sweaty and out of breath by the end of it.

Here’s to the most chaotic time of the year…family pictures. 🙂


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