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New Year, New Activewear

Today’s post is on a topic I am probably the most well-versed in and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m an activewear guru and I have zero shame about it. I’m in activewear 90% of the time (probably more than that, but I’ll give myself a little pat on the back for when I change into PJs 😉).

Call it my season of life. I wake up at 4:45am every single morning and workout (activewear outfit #1) and then spend the remainder of the day with my 5, 3, and 1 year old (activewear outfit #2 and sometimes #3 and #4 depending on the day and the amount of mess). I’m in it all day, every day. At any point in my day, I’m playing football in the backyard with my oldest, on the floor playing with kinetic sand with my middle, or crawling around making sure my now walking 1-year old doesn’t smack into anything. Being in snug jeans just doesn’t work for me right now. Let’s just say my clothing choice makes me a better mom.

So when I say “let’s talk activewear,” I’m here to speak the truth. I’ve worn it, I’ve tested it, and when I say something is good, I mean it. This is your best girlfriend telling you the cream of the crop activewear on the market right now and how you can get the best bang for your buck. Because let me tell you, there are leggings out that are exact dupes for some of the highest priced Lululemon and Alo at a fraction of the cost.

AE Offline Leggings // All in Motion Tank // All in Motion Crewneck Pullover // Nike AirMax Motion 2 // Retro Tortoiseshell Sunglasses // Apple Watch

So let’s dig in and talk leggings.

When I wear a new pair of leggings, I have a stringent list of non-negotiables before I would ever recommend them to a friend. These are 6 things that I think a good pair of leggings MUST have to have longevity in my wardrobe.

The pull-up test: I don’t want anything to do with a pair of leggings that I need to be constantly pulling up throughout the day or throughout my workout. It is uncomfortable and annoying for me, and it shows others that I’m wearing something ill-fitting. If I have to pull it up constantly, it’s not for me.

Wear them 2 days test: Maybe a little gross, but let me explain. If a pair of leggings has lasting power, I should be able to wear them one day and if necessary, pull them on a second day if I’m in a pinch and they still hold their shape and compression. I almost never do this, but if I can, then I know it’s made with quality material.

Sweat test: I workout hard. Which equates to sweating lots. This sweaty betty doesn’t need my leggings to show sweat in some unflattering places on my body. Most of us stick with black leggings to prevent the scene I’m describing, but there are so many cute patterns on the market, I want to have a pair that are moisture-wicking enough to not show every ounce of sweat on my body regardless of the color or pattern.

Suck you in test: Oh, compression. You’re so, so good to me. I’ve had 3 babies and I need some bits and pieces held in place because things are just different nowadays. 🤨 I need something that is going to suck in my waist and lift that bootie for me. I’m not ashamed to seek the help from a little magic fabric!

Show off your goodies test: I could get real graphic for the group, but let’s just say that I need a pair of leggings to not show off every nook and cranny. I need the material to be substantial enough and the seams to be built correctly to not show off more than I would like the world to see.

Pilling test: And finally, I need my leggings to last the test of time…and washes. I want to be able to wash and dry my activewear with my regular laundry loads, and not show the wear of it. No pilling fabric, no falling apart seams. I need the stitching and the material to be quality enough to last.

With all those tests, I’ve rounded up a slew of my personal favorite activewear pieces. Ones that have passed all my tests, all my expectations, and get a solid 10/10 in my book each and every time I wear them. Plus, I’ve listed how they size with each picture so you can be sure you’re getting a good fit even without trying them on in the store. Click on the links to be taken directly to the product.

xx Rachel

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