One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge – Week FOUR!!

Four more short weeks and this is going to say REVEAL, guys! We’ve reached the halfway point of this challenge and I feel like a new person entering the back half. Every project is going to make this room prettier, more functional, and more like the mood board I posted so many weeks ago.

Week One // Week Two // Week Three

This week was all about paint, and I’m thrilled with how my room is finally turning into a “room.” No more drywall showing. Okay, I just lied. I have a whole wall of drywall showing but that’s just because it’s going to be covered with cabinets and tile in just a few short days. But back to the painted stuff…😉

It’s extremely plain jane in there right now with white appliances, white hexagon floor tile, and a white-ish walls. But now it’s time to imagine it paired with a moody blue-green set of the cabinets, gold accents in the fixtures and hardware, and a mix of wood and leather with the hanging rods and countertops. Plain jane no more.

I always like to stick with a very neutral base to be able to style it with more drastic, contrasting colors that I can change as often as I’d like without having to do different paint colors on my walls each time. Most every wall in my house is SW Alabaster, SW Snowbound, or SW Repose Grey. Very neutral, very pretty, very accommodating to my decor and colors within my house.

Now let me add something to this picture to show you this addition: Ceiling trimwork!

No, it won’t be blue but I needed it to stand out more in the photo. I want to add some more dimension to this space and I think trimwork will bring a little character and the dimension that I’m looking for on the ceiling.

Cabinet Talk

I recently spent so much time at Sherwin Williams looking through samples to find just the right blue-green color for the upper and lower cabinets. I really wanted to go with something dramatic in this space. Something to liven up a really dull task that I spend far too much time doing daily. I loved these samples and took these plus more home to test them out in the space…

And then I panicked…

Could I go that daring? Will I regret it? Will it clash against the already painted grey-blue basement walls? So I chose safe. I went with SW Rookwood Blue Green and I went to painting those cabinets this week.

But as I painted, I knew this was off. This wasn’t the right choice. I need to go darker. I need to go moodier. I need to go more dramatic to make this pop like I want it to. Maybe I already did three coats on both sides of the doors. Maybe I’ve already put in hours into this paint project. But I know I need to change and better now than ever. I want this to be everything I want with zero settling. Kind of like life: You can make a fresh start whenever you want. It’s time to go back and try this again.

Goals for Week FIVE:

  • Choose new, better, more dramatic paint color for cabinets
  • Paint said cabinets
  • Install cabinets
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Ceiling trimwork installed and painted
  • Install baseboards

That’s a lofty list and I’m so eager to get started! Three more weeks of projects before a reveal. Three more weeks of making a bare space beautiful. Let’s do it!

Be sure to follow along with all the One Room Challenge participants as they share DIY tricks, tips, and the most beautiful transformations. I’m so proud of all of you! You’re blowing me away each and every week with what you’re doing. Just making the world more beautiful one room at a time. ❤

To see the whole transformation, be sure to follow me on Instagram as I detail the week’s progress and plenty of work in my Instagram stories! All of the past stories have been saved under my ORC highlights!

xx Rachel

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