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As Growing Up Kemper is merging and changing as life at the Kemper house is changing, I miss one major part of this blog from the past…sharing updates about little things happening at our house and all my sweet little faces that make it a home. I rarely have a chance to share all the simple things that happen. It’s always about big projects and large changes. I needed a place to be able to share the little changes. All the milestones, all the fun, and all the life updates.

So welcome to the first installment of the Weekend Update!

It’s my Monday morning blog post update about what we are doing, what’s going on, our highs and lows, and just all the things Kemper. I’ll share pictures of the family, progress on projects, and some recap moments on what you may have missed on the blog.

During the week, it will be back to business. I’ll share ideas, projects, and tips for making your house a home and making each day special for your family. Come Monday, I’ll share how I make my weekends count.

How did we make this weekend count? Lets get into it!

I’m eager to share my next very large, very daunting project this week! But before we can begin, I’m doing a major clean-up of the space. You can’t fix something if it’s junked, right? And this particular location is a hotbed for “junk.” Okay, not junk. Just STUFF.


So it’s been a weekend of getting rid of old cans, donating/preparing to sell things, and preparing myself for an organization overhaul. This space needs some help and I can’t wait to dive in!

And to help fund this upcoming project, I’ve been working to prepare my fall/winter baby clothes and gear for the Back to School Sale with Rhea Lana.

If you are new to the Rhea Lana franchise, it’s a consignment program where you prepare, price, and deliver all gently-used baby and kid’s clothes and gear at a location near you (Kansas City has over 5 different locations around the metro alone!). Local parents come and shop the sale (some purchasing tickets for $100/each to just get into the sale first!!). Everything you sell, you make a 65% profit from. At the end of the 2 week sale, a check gets mailed to you and you’ve suddenly cleared closets and have some extra cash in your pocket. It funded my laundry room remodel in the spring and will soon fund this project, as well!

I can chalk Saturday morning up as one of the best mornings that will stay with me forever. Jackson is beginning kindergarten in just a few short weeks so we spent the morning shopping for school supplies, buying new school shoes, trying on his uniforms, and just talking about life.

Just the two of us. No interruptions, no other kids. Just my oldest and I chatting about important things and being silly with one another. We held hands, we giggled, we (okay, me) cried a little, and we made a memory that was so important. My oldest is about to go out into the world for the first time and I know he’s going to do amazing things and his excitement is palpable, but for my mama heart, I needed him to know that we can still sneak away just the two of us and talk about anything together. Saturday was a good, good day.

Meanwhile, my middle, Colton, has been slowly but surely gearing up to ride a bike without training wheels! He’s pretty hesitant to try, to have you release your hand, and not run right beside him, but BOY, he’s got it. So until he feels confident in himself, I’ll run right beside that love bug with my hand resting on his back so he knows that I’m not “letting go just yet.”

Seeing new precious babies, catching up with friends, and staying home with our whole family doing a lot of nothing and a lot of everything all at once made for a perfect weekend!

Someone was not thrilled mama had another baby in her arms! 🙂

If you missed last week’s blog post, I share my Guest Bathroom Refresh + All the Ways I Saved some Major Cash in the process. Check it out to score some great ideas on how YOU can save big money on your next project.

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I’d love to share some of the sales I’m scouring right here for all of you along with some of my favorite finds, but let’s be real honest with each other…this first addition just isn’t going to have it just yet. For the next time! 🙂

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