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DIY Fall Wreath

Recently, I shared a slew of my All My Favorite Fall Finds from some of my favorite stores: Target (duh!), Walmart, Kirkland’s, and Amazon. So many adorable fall pieces to warm up your home and add a touch of pretty for the season. A lot of those stores carried beautiful wreaths in all shapes, sizes, and floral options. I love them all. I think they are perfect.

Okay, let me rephrase. I think they are perfect for places all around the inside of your home, but for a killer statement on the front porch? They weren’t doing it for me.

I wanted something bigger and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So when all else fails, we pull on our DIY hats and we make it for a fraction of the cost of something that we like, don’t love, online. One trip to Michael’s later, and I had made a wreath in the exact colors, florals, and size that I was dreaming of for under $40 and in less than 30 minutes time.

Don’t settle…CREATE!

I posted a Reel on Instagram of the process today if you’d prefer to see a video process of how to make this wreath. Come check it out and share a little love!

Materials Needed

24″ Grapevine Wreath

Floral wire, if needed to secure

Maple Leaf Spray

Fall Spray – not online, but you can find so many in stores at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby!

Pampas Grass Picks

Red Berry Bundle

Natural Pumpkin Pick


Lay out your grapevine wreath on the floor and decide which direction you want to be top and bottom. Mine was more of an oval shape than round so I wanted it to be more elongated top to bottom. It’s important to decide this in the beginning so you can place pieces accordingly.

Begin with your largest pieces to build a solid background to the wreath. For my wreath, I went with a large cream spray that I wanted to be the thriller in the back of the wreath. My plan is to have the spray shoot out in each direction and then build it in through the middle of each one.

This maple leaf spray was HUGE for just a few dollars. I was able to use scissors to cut apart large chunks and use one stem for the entire wreath. This is where floral wire could be used to secure if you live in a location with strong winds and weather. I was able to use very little as the grapevine wreath allows for stems to be tucked and woven through it’s branches.

Pampas grass is so popular this season. It’s all over the Pottery Barn and Williams & Sonoma catalogs and I’ve seen it make a huge appearance in many vases and arrangements this season. I loved the three neutral grasses that Michael’s carried this year. I tucked these in, alternating colors, as an additional dimension out the sides of the wreath.

So far, the wreath is a very neutral color palette, which I love, but I needed to add a bit of color to make it stand out and brighten up the front porch. I used one of the red berry bundles from Michael’s and it did the trick! I simply cut it apart, tucked each pick into the wreath all around to add a touch of red to a neutral piece.

It just wouldn’t be fall in my house if there wasn’t a touch of pumpkin in every square inch. Why not, right? Fall=pumpkins here!

The perfect touch to my front porch and it’s EXACTLY what I was looking for…for a fraction of the cost. If you don’t love it online, don’t buy it. You can make this! Crank some of your favorite tunes and make something beautiful that you love this weekend. ❤

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