Jackson is SIX!

My oldest turned six today. SIX!! Unbelievable, guys. We’ve been counting down to this day on our letterboard since the end of August, but actually giving a good night kiss to a five-year old for the last time last night hit me a little different. Each year it seems so far fetched that he can truly be that old, but whether I can grasp it or not, Jackson Cruz is SIX!

This has been a huge growth year for Jackson in almost every aspect of his life. He started kindergarten this fall, really found his stride in sports, and became more of a strong, independent child that stands on his own two feet. There have been moments that have actually taken me back with how much he’s grown and changed this year into the person I know he’s meant to be. And as a person that firmly believes that a huge job of parenting is to develop children into people that others actually want to be around, I’m so proud of him for who he is.

Kindergarten has been so good to Jacks. He’s quickly transitioned to an 8-hour school day where there is so much more emphasis on “work” than “play.” He didn’t love it at first, but boy is he already bringing home amazing work! Writing sentences…what?! Showing an interest in reading by himself? I love it! He’s working hard, loves his teacher, and is truly enjoying his days. His favorite times of the day: Recess, PE, and lunch. He may be working hard, but he’s still my energetic boy. ❤

And his days at kindergarten have brought Jackson into the lives of kids so similar to him. He’s finding his group. He’s made friends with kids that will sit and watch Chiefs games each Sunday and will talk about the game the next day at school, throw the football with him at recess, play kickball, and giggle hysterically at all the same silly things. We’re a month in, and he’s found boys and girls that make his school day so bright.

We’re weeks into another soccer season for Jackson and he’s become quite the player. Through the last year, he’s changed from a kid that would be close to tears if the other team got a little rough, to a kid that gets knocked down and gets back up and back in without a flinch. I don’t care if you score a single goal, if you’re the best kid on the team, or you just plain and simply aren’t great, I’m just so proud of him for never giving up on himself. That will pay off in so many part of your life and I’m so happy to see him starting it now.

Jackson is still my rule follower, my black and white, fair is fair kind of kid. If someone is wronged, he aches to his core. We still can’t watch movies in our house because the conflict is just too much. A character doing something bad is not okay in his eyes and he can’t watch. He’s got a sensitive heart and wants the very best out of people. Don’t we all, buddy? Don’t we all. One day I hope you can bring more people to be better versions of themselves, just like you.

Jacks, you make me proud every single day. You are furiously yourself, will chat a stranger’s ear off, love your family hard, will play with anyone ready to play regardless of age, and you see the world as one big adventure that you can’t wait to figure out. It’s so fun being your mama and I can’t wait to see what year six brings your way. It’s going to be a good one!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

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