10 Best Faux Garlands on the Market

Today’s the day that my garland finally comes in and I get to start putting up my stairway garland! I’ve got a pretty funny story to share about what I ordered, but I’ll share that when I actually can get the final project to you in a post in the coming days. Lesson learned about reading allll the details first. 🙂 But I’ll make it work, because that’s what you just have to do sometimes. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, laugh at yourself, and come up with a different plan.

Now if you’re anything like me, you’ve got bushels and bushels of the $8 Target faux garland with a strand of lights that only half work that seems to shed more every time you move it. I’ve worked with these garlands for years now and I decided this year, it was time for an upgrade. It was time to invest a little in a piece that would last for years to come, look beautiful straight from the box, and be easy to work with on the mantle, on my island, around a door frame or down my stairway. I want a multi-purpose garland that will be worth it Christmas after Christmas.

But wow! Finding those garlands in a sea of bad reviews, plastic knockoffs, and thousands of websites to choose from is no easy task. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and overwhelming. So I’m here to help. I searched for hours on end for the 10 BEST FAUX GARLANDS ON THE MARKET. Highly reviewed, priced well, and varying in size, dimension, and look. You’re sure to find a favorite from this list!


Fresh Olive Leaf + Myrtle Garland

This is a preserved garland that is assembled fresh and then begins the preservation process once it’s shipped. It’s supposed to last up to one year, but it is still recommended that you don’t move it once it’s placed on your mantle or doorway to avoid breakage and shedding of the fresh leaves. If you want the freshness (and the smell!), this is a great middle ground between fully fresh and faux.

Real Touch Cedar Garland

This is an incredible basic garland that looks so realistic, you have to feel it to know for sure. No lights, no berries, or pine cones. A simple cedar garland that is a stunning garland to make a classic, simplistic look down your stairway or can be dressed up with fillers and lights to be made into your own creation for your mantle. I love the possibilities with this garland and with the craftmanship of this garland, you can change it up every year for many years to come.

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Garland

With almost 7,000 incredible reviews, this garland is a hit and the price is one of the best. Currently, it’s on sale on Amazon for $41 for a nine foot piece. I love how full this garland looks, as well as how it is tastefully stocked with red berries and pine cones along the piece. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming with the fillers that are used, but this is a subtle, classic beauty that can be left as is or filled with your own fillers to beef it up even more. Plus, this garland comes with a plug-in for those that have an outlet close OR can be pre-lit with a battery pack instead. I love the range of this piece. Such a great staple.

Hearth & Hand Pine, Berries + Pinecones Garland

This is a more modern take of a pine garland and it looks simplistic and beautiful over a doorway and running down a staircase bannister. This isn’t a very full piece, but it’s beautiful BECAUSE it isn’t that full. I love how elegant it looks and it’s sturdy to keep it for years to come.

McGee & Co. Woodland Cedar + Pine Garland

The mixed greenery of this garland is what initially catches my attention each time, but the features of this garland put it into a well-worth-it investment piece. This garland comes equipped with a 8-function remote, as well as a built in 8 hour timer. I love the functionality of this one!

Rainwashed Holiday Garland

If you’re looking for something other than pine in your garland, this rainwashed piece is a showstopper. It measures at 65″ but can easily be hooked together using ties or floral wire. I love how full this is and how it lays exactly as it’s placed. No extra fluffing or fussing with this one. It can easily have fairy or mini lights strung around and hiding among the many faux leaves. With almost 40,000 sales, you can see this one is very well-loved.

Pre-Lit Faux Norway Spruce Garland

If you want as close the to the real stuff as possible, this is your garland. This is a stunning garland that makes you truly think it’s the real thing. Know that this is an investment piece, as well. At about $100 for 6′ you want to know you’re getting something worthwhile. This is one of my favorite realistic garlands and I love how easy it is to work with. Easy to hang and lays beautifully.

Norfolk Pine Natural Touch Garland

If you’re lucky enough to have this in stock at your local Kirklands, RUN, don’t walk there NOW! Amazing reviews, and for good reason. This beauty lays flawlessly, looks so realistic, and is so full and lush, Kirkland’s can’t seem to keep it in stock. I’m hopeful that they can restock before the Christmas season really kicks in, so check back often!

Blue Cedar Cordless Garland

This is a garland that takes you through the whole winter season. It doesn’t look as Christmas-y as most other garlands and I imagine this staying up on a fireplace mantle until spring. I don’t think this will be as easy to hang as most others because of its fullness and heaviness. The things we want the most are also what hinders us a lot from hanging his above doorways. Another investment piece but well worth it for your ability to take it out of the box and immediately onto your mantle for a show-stopping, magazine quality look without any of the fillers and work.

Downswept Douglas Blue Pre-Lit Garland

This garland has that real-feel technology to it to give it an extremely realistic look to it. The branches are crush-resistant, meaning they will hold their shape and stay that way for years to come. I love how different the color of this one is compared to almost all the others on the market. Such a great piece to place around your front doorway and mix with other greens.

Beautiful Garland Inspiration

I love looking at those beautiful pictures online to gather so much inspiration and spark my creativity when I’m ready to tackle a project. I take bits and pieces from each of the photos to make something brand new for myself. And these creators have made magic within their homes!

Monika Hibbs used those beautiful two-toned bows that hang so beautifully down her garland. I don’t know if I’m even able to make a bow with ONE ribbon, but we are going to find out when I create something similar this year on my stairway garland.

Adding 3, 4, or 5 garlands together and adding fillers can make for a stunning piece, but how beautiful is Pink Peppermint Design’s simplistic stairway garland?! Classic and breathtaking in her entryway!

This is the part I love about this job. Spending the time putting in the research to share with you the very best finds. I hope you found inspiration and your next project today. I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing at the Kemper house!

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