Mya’s TWO!

Anyone else have to do a double-take to be sure you read that right?! How, oh how? Mya turns two today and I can’t believe just how fast time has gone. She’s got her own personality, her own sass (does she ever!), and her own beautiful way of life that has been a joy and a blessing to get to be on the sidelines watching these two years.

That little peanut has a laugh that is deep from within and a smile that shines through her whole face. And nobody can bring that smile and laugh faster than her brothers. They’re her best friends. The two people that she watches closely, does everything they do, and wants to grow up faster to be just like. Having two older brothers is going to teach her some things that I’m not necessarily excited for, but at the same time, her looking up to those boys is going to pay off in so many times in her life. Her forever protectors and her forever models. She adores them so much and I pray that adoration and love only grows stronger.

Mya girl has a fearlessness that is far beyond anyone else in the family. Nothing scares her. Okay, Santa scares her (“Santa scary!”), but nothing else. She’ll climb anything and jump from anything. She’ll try to ride bikes, loves to go fast, and is determined to do it all with no help. “I do it!” is her favorite phrase at this point. She’s independent and determined. She’s focused and fearless. Yes, it’s terrifying when she gets ideas in her head to try, but I’m so proud of her at the same time. I don’t know stronger characteristics that I’d want her to have as she grows. Stay determined, little mama.

Mya is a chatty little girl, there’s no doubt about it. Her vocabulary has blossomed over the last few months and now she is able to say hundreds of words and even telling broken sentences about her day. We all of a sudden went from “swing” to “Mama come swing with me.” A milestone like that is wonderful for all involved, but it’s been huge for everyone outside the family. When you don’t know what Mya would want, she’d get so frustrated. Remember that determined and independent attitude? I think it sparked when she couldn’t verbalize what she wanted. Almost as if she realized if we didn’t understand her, she’s just going to have to figure it out herself.

As Mya’s grown these last couple of months, she’s gotten into toys and shows for the first time. Up until this point, she never found entertainment from toys. It was the person she was playing with, not the actual toy. Now, Baby and Skye come with us most everywhere, and Bubble Guppies is where it’s at on TV.

As many know, Mya has had two eye surgeries on both eyes over the years (eye updates can all be found on THIS page). Her most frequent one in June of this year. Just last week, we were able to get in to see her surgeon, dialate Mya’s eyes, do some tests, and get a great prognosis of where we stand at this point with her vision and location of her eyes. After what seemed like hours of tests, it was determined that Mya sees objects clearly at a far distance, but has a slight blur looking closely, causing her left eye to turn in slightly when she’s focusing. 80% of the time, Mya has perfectly centered eyes that work together. However, it’s that remaining 20% when she is trying to focus to a close object that they still turn. To remedy this, she now has glasses at the appropriate prescription that she will wear all day now. She’s officially a glasses wearer! No, she doesn’t like to wear them all the time, but it surely does seem to help so far.

I can only imagine what this year will bring for Mya girl. With Colton going back to preschool in January, it will be just the two of us again a few times a week. I look forward to that time with her daily. She’s my built-in best friend, my baby girl. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to be amazed by her every single day.

Happy Birthday, Mya Marguerite. I love you to the moon!

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