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Favorite Coffee Table Decor + Books

After I posted photos of my DIY wood coffee table, I had many, many messages asking where I got some of the decor pieces I had on top. I understand the struggle to find pieces that aren’t too bulky, allow for room (because you still need to USE your coffee table), and coordinate well with the rest of your living room style. Long gone are the days of my parents coffee table that had a TV guide and a remote control positioned in the top corner. Ha! Now it’s all about another piece to style. It can be a struggle.

When I work to style my tabletop, I like to work mostly with sizing. I want one tall thing, one wide thing, and then a stack. A wider vase works well to give a dramatic look. A small vase can be lost or appear cluttered on a table. Add to the width with the height of tall stems to even out your eyes. This could be faux greenery, flowers, or even beautiful branches from your very own backyard. The remainder needs to be a stack to keep it looking structured. I like to take a few larger, but thin books and stack with a candle or an interesting object on top. You could also do a small wooden bowl with a string of beaded garland to this stack. I have several different pieces below that would work great here.

Today, I’m rounding up some of my favorite coffee table decorations, as well as neutral and fun coffee table books (with a MASSIVE tip on how to find great ones!) at different price points.

On my coffee table, I have a large glass vase I found at Home Goods stuffed with the Eucalyptus stems (seen below), several hardcover books I found thrifting, and the wood chain link from Amazon (seen below).

37” Long Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery // Wide-Mouth Minimalist White Vase // 58″ Wood Bead Garland // 11″ Wood Bowl // Set of 3 Glazed White and Brown Vases // Wood Chain Link // 60 Piece Natural Pampas Grass // Natural and Blue Barro Vase // Nantucket Blue Vase // 6-Piece Cork Marble Style Coasters // Capri Blue Volcano Candle // Glass Vase // Half-Dipped Stoneware Vases

There are beautiful books that can be purchased at all price points (some of these books can be found for over $100 on Amazon…what?!), but there are also two big hacks I’ve found through my hunt for the perfect neutral coffee table book.

First, go to the thrift stores! I could spend hours looking through the racks of hardcover books at the local thrift store. I like to peak behind the book jacket to find beautiful colors that coordinate with my style around my house. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $5 for a single hardcover book around my home. You can find classics, trendy, or just plain unique titles to add such interest to your space.

Second, TJ Maxx. Go to their website and search “books.” You’ll find the Louis Vuitton or Architectural Desgin’s 100 years of Style for almost half the price they are on any other website. If you want something notable, look there FIRST.

American Cowboys // Louis Vuitton // Wonderland // Set of 4 Faux Books // Dolly Parton Storyteller // Beautifully Organized // Matte // Madame Bovary // Welcome Home

I hope this helps you find exactly what you were looking for to make your coffee table functional, yet beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  • Howard Olvera

    “Books are great for coffee table decor, The books that are on the table can tell you about the interests of the people living there.

    Colorful books with flowers and small plants are classic way of coffee table decor, all the ideas mentioned in blog are creative. Thank you for sharing the article.”

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